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Human Cargo

Yoshi Garcia is stuck in a rut, professionally and personally... until he finds himself kidnapped by alien pirates. At first opportunity, he escapes, stowing away aboard a cargo freighter, where he hopes to hide out until he can sneak off the ship. Unfortunately for Yoshi, he's immediately discovered by the freighter crew.

Kol is the gruff warrior who commands the ship. Razix, the red-skinned flirty Regulan, is the ship's hot-shot pilot. Zed, the furry Zaurian beast, is the security chief. Nasir, the territorial human, keeps the ship's systems running. And finally, Doc, the intelligent blue-skinned Sargan, keeps the crew patched up.

Help Yoshi find adventure and romance (and hot sex) amongst the stars!

Human Cargo features male/male situations and is intended for mature audiences.

Story Design and Programming by Rob Colton
Crew Character Artwork by Jacky Black
Yoshi and NPC Character Artwork by Illuminate001
Background Artwork by kjkjmulo
Graphical User Interface by Hijiri
Original Soundtrack by eerron

If you're interested in helping fund development, consider becoming a patron at Patreon. All contributions will go into developing the visual novel: paying for graphics, music, and other things I am unable to create myself.

The Human Cargo beta release is now available to download for PC. Mac, and Android!

Donation Specials

Donation specials are now available, including eBook copies of the Galactic Conspiracies eBooks, set in the same universe as Human Cargo.

  • $5.00+ : receive a copy of The Degan Incident (Galactic Conspiracies #1) eBook
  • $10.00+: receive a copy of all three Galactic Conspiracies eBooks

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Plsss make a sequel plssssssss


Can we get a sequel or something...this was too good to stop there!!! Come on Rob help a queer out would ya???

Hello. I have tried and tried, but for the life of me, I can't unlock 2 of Razix's artwork. The 2 after "Razix's Gift". If anyone could steer me in the right path, it would be greatly appreciated. I really like the game, and I want to complete it. Thanks. 

I have the same issue, please if you've figured it out tell me

don't know if you guys still need this, but I unlocked it by having Yoshi choose to stay on the Barakai instead of the Razha when Kol asks


awesome game by far. i honestly fell in love with Zed. he is just adorable. i wish it was longer because story and romance is amazing.

Is there like a walkthrough like for kol what not 🤔


Wish u had more games like this😥😥

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I downloaded the game today and finished it the same day i absolutely love it although I wished some scenes were animated cause im using an android


made me sad there weren't other alien romance gay VNs, which i perhaps the highest compliment i can give. really sweet and sexy

Does anyone know the artwork 3# middle-bottom between Raz and Zed sex scene... how do I get that?


I've just finished 100%ing this game today and i'm at a loss for what to do now because i've been so enraptured with getting to know these characters and the lore, it's great. 

I'd say for review purposes though, it's worth noting all the routes can be a bit similar and you generally hit the same plot points in the same order regardless of who you romance (which can be hit or miss depending on your opinion, but i don't mind). It's much more of a visual novel than it is a dating sim, but that's okay for me.

I appreciate how each character presents a niche (Zed for the furries, Nasir for the kinksters, Doc for the romantics, ect) and for someone who isn't doing multiple playthroughs, you can choose your ideal space husbando rather than settling for something that's not your taste (i really loved Docs route personally, and didn't get the same sort of connection from characters like Nasir or Kol)

In general though, this game deserves so much more of a fandom than it has at already (the fans are already great but i wish so many more people knew about this). There's so much potential and love put into this story and it really shows. I'm looking forward to future Rob Colton games if they're anything like this, but i wouldn't mind a sequel or additional content for these beloved characters one day too...


This game is so good! A lot of effort would be made here. The design is beautiful and sexy too! I love this game.


Duuuuuude, I finally got all the artworks and LET ME TELL YOU it was fucking rough XD Worked hard and it feels worth it. But damnit, I can tell that this might not be for everyone. I loved the shit out of this game.

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Sorry to interrupt, but do you know the artwork 3# middle-bottom between Raz and Zed sex scene... how do I get that?


Heeeeey, do you still need a hand? I always see the replies to my comments so damn late, sorry...

ANYWAY, I'll give you the answer anyway, just in case.

1st of all, the artword you're looking for is in Zed's route. It's not a big scene that affects the plot though, just letting you know so you don't get dissapointed. This artwork marks a very minor plot point that doesn't affect the game much. But here you go, anyway.

(Sorry, this is really long, didn't mean to make you an essay to read through XD It just sorta happened.)

When you play the game, don't play shy. What I mean, is at the very start of the game? Stand up against the shitty step dad. Flirt with the purple guy. When you're on the ship and are trying to escape, dash into that airlock and get yourself some food when you're on ship. Tell Zed "Screw Clarence". Don't hesitate when Zed tells you what to do... That's what I mean.

This personality type will triger an option, which you otherwise don't get in chapter 4. This is the situation that triggers the image for no.17.

In the scene where, after you do what Zed says without hesitating and go to the kitchen to fix the... auto-cook thingy, you guys will have a meal.

(There's an option here to help him out or point to the mess, but it won't really make a difference if you've been playing the aggressive personality. Can choose whichever you want.) 

You guys will go to the showers after, which is WHERE you get the options to "Don't look!" or

"Take a peak..."

Take that goddamn peak.

Next, is where you actually get the image. This is still chapter 4, but you've now had a chat with the crew over dinner and have been bid goodnight by Zed in the Galley, after which you can wonder the ship.

Here, don't go to bed right away, you need to head over to the MED part of the ship. There, you will just automatically triger the image when looking through something.

Hope this is of use.

Yeah, this is pretty much it. You have to peek at Zed in the bathroom, which makes you curious about his anatomy.


This game is fantastic! Will there be any updates? Or even a sequel?

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is there a guide/walkthrough for each route


Thank you so much for reaching out to me! I've planned 4 episodes of my Human Cargo LP and I hope to circle back to the other routes at a later time. Absolutely fantastic work! 

It's a really is a great game, I play this so many times but still will be checking your playthrough... Maybe it will spire me to play again 😎

PS: If you love his writing he has a few books published, the best one IMO is Timber Pack Chronicles n Enforcer: Timber Pack Book 2.


I want to see more of zed

I miss him too

I miss them all...

Only played through once but I love your work. The visuals,story, and music are all amazing. Gonna play through every route I can find. Looking forward to more.



This is like a bad b-movie. It's cringy and funny


I was hyped at the start, but then the hype hit a brick wall.  

Yoshi doesn’t have much of a personality—well, that’s not quite right. He has a personality, but it is Coy Twink Bottom straight out of Mormon Boys, which is nice if that’s your thing, but it isn’t mine. I do appreciate that his design is mixed/non-white, though. I assumed the main character would be white, because whatever, that’s how it is sometimes—but the game surprised me by making Yoshi a Japanese and Latino mix, with a bit of alien in him.  

I wasn’t feeling the LIs designs much? But then Razix won me over with his perpetual horniness, the fact the he defected from a military family, and good humour.  

I never got the urge to pursue any of the LIs except Razix, to be honest, and that’s only after I got to know him better. So, I didn’t feel the completionist need to see all the endings. The characters feel like gay tribe stereotypes, here’s the bear, here’s the stud, here’s the jokester, here’s the daddy… and then they never break off the mould at least a bit, enough to add a personality to the characters or arouse a need to see it all through in the player.  

A lesser nitpick would be that there are a few grammatical mistakes and the font isn’t all that visually pleasing.  

I would’ve overlooked all that and more if the game had been entertaining; however, it is a bit tedious. I usually finish these games in one sitting, but I had to take breaks from this one. I found myself skipping sex scenes, I mean…

I’m sure that for someone this will be a decent enough game, and if you’re looking for LGBT content… well, beggars can’t be choosers.

I just feel there's a lot of wasted potential here, that’s all. The writing was just so underwhelming. If this game committed a “sin” it is that it is painfully boring and not even sex can sell it. But, hey, if it didn’t worked for me it might still work for you.  

By the way, is the ship shaped like a cock or is it just me? Not sorry, Daddy Freud!  

Also, just now I realised the ship is named Barakai. Nice!


Well, the characters seemed very normal and relatable to me, that's relative to your own experiences and tastes though. Surely people that grew up with social media become more aggressive, extrovert and  fun? So you not liking it may depend on what you're accostumed to. The need for inmediate excitement and fun is slowly replacing contemplation and insight. I can't relate that much with the main character either, but I like what the other characters show, and what they hide and how they interact.


Am i the only one who who only did IKOL'S route?

is there a zed polly route ??

will there be future updates with more illustrated work?

Hi rob  ive been having trouble getting GCS 22 and and 28, if i could get a few hints it would be awesome! ive been absolutely obssessed with this game for the past week or so and they're the last ones i need to complete the gallery. I have loooved zeds and nassirs routes they were amazing. i played nassir first and was so upset when he hates you with kol but yes i would greatly appreciate help


My biggest regret was to do Razix route first, because I fell in love 🥰 and every time someone was mean to him on the others routes, my heart broke 😢. Now I'm sad regulans aren't real (I must've been on quarantine for too long). This is definitely a quality VN, folks.


I fell the same,but with nasir,he isn't so bad in his own rote,so i wonder why he is a douche in all the  others route? ;-;,His story is realy deep,at least to me

I believe it's his possessive nature along with the lack of sense of humour that makes him aggressive or rude

well,i like him,at least in his own route and in the Razix route,but my favorite is Zed anyway.Just because he and Doc were being so nice to the MC for the start at end


Nasir s a douche in Kol's route because if you didnt know, theres a, story behind it. Someone mentioned it (I think it was Zed whi mentioned it after Kol got shot?) that Nasir wanted Kol to fvck him but Kol doesnt want to. On the other hand Kol  started liking Yoshi and Nasir got jealous thinking Yoshi is seducing Kol so that he can stay with the crew. But whrn you take other route he is a nice guy except for Kol. Lol

have this art work finished?


It's official... I'm marrying Zed. He's too adorable!!!


Right there with you!

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I love this game, just like that... 

I've played Zed's, Kol's, Nasir's and poly routes so far and I love the characters soo much! Zed is my favourite because I would follow him anywhere since the beginning (I'd love to see HIM in poly route with someone like Nasir), he was my first playthrough and I will take it again after I check the others. Every each one of them is different, has their own amazing temper and... assets,  I just can't get enough. 

This is kind of game I play and don't want to ever end ;)

Oh, and THE MUSIC! Those themes, mmm, especially Border Station's one, oh my. I love it so much! 

Thank you for creating this, all the art, all the characters, the story, music, it's god damn great!


Its pretty good. Zee is def my fav


man i cannot express how much i loved kol's path!! he was my first romance and going through his romance first immediately made me excited for all my other future playthroughs

The status says released , is the game finished?

yeah ,the game is complete


Is there in no way that the MC gets to top? XD God that would have been sooo good with Nasir

Only with the doc

He gets to top Razix and Doc


I love this game, i finished everyone's routes and just have to say that Nasir is my favourite lmao

Ich wünsche mir ein Update, wo ich das Haustier des Außerirdischen sein kann( sadly I forgot his name😔) But can you please make this Update 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Surprisingly one of the best gay visual novels out there. Doc might be my favorite character from any visual novel yet. He's really sweet, and a perfect example of my type. His route is the only canon one for me, it's just too sad to think about him being alone.

Thank you so much for creating this! I'll be sure to check out your future projects. <3

please help me open it Razix and Yoshi  bed #1

(1 edit) (+3)

loveee your workk.... i was wondering what Zed was... bcuz he looks like a bull and a wolf... but not complaining thou both of my fav beastman mix in together was truly a pleasure... hope there's story like where zed and yoshi have kids (or pups) tht will be amazing ... anyway really love your work, keep it up dev!! (now i can die in peace)

can i know how to unclock zed and yoshi CG scene

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