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Yoshi Garcia is stuck in a rut, professionally and personally... until he finds himself kidnapped by alien pirates. At first opportunity, he escapes, stowing away aboard a cargo freighter, where he hopes to hide out until he can sneak off the ship. Unfortunately for Yoshi, he's immediately discovered by the freighter crew.

Kol is the gruff warrior who commands the ship. Razix, the red-skinned flirty Regulan, is the ship's hot-shot pilot. Zed, the furry Zaurian beast, is the security chief. Nasir, the territorial human, keeps the ship's systems running. And finally, Doc, the intelligent blue-skinned Sargan, keeps the crew patched up.

Help Yoshi find adventure and romance (and hot sex) amongst the stars!

Human Cargo features male/male situations and is intended for mature audiences.

Story Design and Programming by Rob Colton
Crew Character Artwork by Jacky Black
Yoshi and NPC Character Artwork by Illuminate001
Background Artwork by kjkjmulo
Original Soundtrack by eerron

If you're interested in helping fund development, consider becoming a patron at Patreon. All contributions will go into developing the visual novel: paying for graphics, music, and other things I am unable to create myself.

The Human Cargo beta release is now available to download for PC. Mac, and Android!

Donation Specials

Donation specials are now available, including eBook copies of the Galactic Conspiracies eBooks, set in the same universe as Human Cargo.

  • $5.00+ : receive a copy of The Degan Incident (Galactic Conspiracies #1) eBook
  • $10.00+: receive a copy of all three Galactic Conspiracies eBooks


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I just finished Raz route ! And I must admit that... I LOVE YOUR GAME ! It's really nice and well written ! If I had to say something, I'll just say that I would like some more CG... I mean, I want to see Raz working ! Seeing him so serious could be very... well... pleasing ! Or a CG with the MC ! :o Or anything ...  Anyways, more CG please  ! :D Just one about Raz would make me happy anyways haha he's so perfect.

To just talk about his route, it was really enjoyable and surprising ! In a positive way! I was suprised to see how cute it ended ! Nice job  :D

You really did make a great game, I'm happy I could play it! I don't have words to express how much I enjoyed it ! I'll watch the news !

Oh and I'm kinda curious about Doc, so if you make him a route I'll definitively play it...

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I wish Kol has a CG fucking... Anyway this game is mire than 5 stars

We are working on it 😊

I love this game. Will you do Nasir next? I sure hope he'll be dateable soon. I suspect you're doing more CG. I can't wait. Anyways take your time. 5/5

I’m currently writing Nasir’s path. We also have CGs planned and we are working on them now.

Great Game! couldn't stop playing it. Will we be able to mingle with Nasir in the near future? OwO

you've done an amazing job on this! zed will forever be in my heart

(1 edit)

Thanks! Zed is adorable for sure 😊

(1 edit)

Thank you Rob Colton, I'm really engaged into the writing of Human Cargo. The plot is interesting, touching and, uh, you know, "rewarding" though there is not much CG :P. But I got my imagination!  

Note: I'm from Asia and not native to English, but the storyline is still way into my heart. I really appreciate it. :)

Thanks for the kind words! I hope our first CG featuring Kol will be ready soon.

when is the releasing day ?

I loved this game. It was easy to get attached to all of the characters and the ways in which romance budded. It is hard for me to pick a favourite as they are so different from one another and yet they coexist well within the ship. I love how one route integrates into the next route, showing a new piece of a whole story. It is very well done. I cannot wait  for Nasir annd Doc routes as well.  I was curious if there will be some exploration of characters outide of the ship? Anyways, thank you for making this and keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for the kind words. I love all the guys as well and I hope each one will give you a different and enjoyable experience. Nasir is in progress, but at this tone I don’t have anything planned for extra characters. Thanks!

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Thank you Rob Colton. I really love this game and i can't stop thinking about Kol :)) He's so hot and cute. OMG i think i can't get him out of my head after playing this. Hope you will make some more for Kol's route. It's sad because it ends up so fast :(( By the way, i just always want to see the sex scene of the characters. I want to see the overview of that despite of only talking. Andddddddddddddd thank you very much for the game again :)))))))

Thanks so much for the kind words! We are in the process of creating our first CG (full screen graphic), which features Kol and Yoshi. I hope to expand on Kol’s story in the future. Thanks!

Thank you for replying me too. I'll always follow you so that i can play it right after the update :3

(2 edits)

I wanted zed route little bit longer like to be done around chapter 20.

I know. Zed’s awesome, right? 😊

yay but end was awesome

Hey, I wrote a pretty long text about this gem on my profile.

Are there going to be more updates? More plots in between the current scenes maybe or even at the end? I'm not sure If I have more ideas, later on propably... I still want to play through one other path.

Btw. I don't regret supporting the game. It's a really nice start for a VN so far. I am exited about the future of it.

Keep if up! 


Thank you! 

There should be an update soon with some art updates, followed an update with Nasir’s path. Once all of the routes are done, there will still be art updates to do, and I hope to go back and add additional content in the game.

Sounds awsome. I am glad you have more stuff planned. 

As I said this VN surprised me alot. I had fun reading it ;)

is there a nasir route

I’m currently working on Nasir’s route now! 


I liked more Zed ending than Kol one. Like,there is a continuity to Zed's ending, it feels more real than Kol's one,that is like and abrupt and eternal end.


That’s fair. I wanted to get Kol’s story finished for the first demo release as part of Bara Jam. It is my hope in the future to give him another pass to expand in his story a little to make it as full as the others. 

what is an soundwave shower thing? 🤣🤣

I've found a inconsistencie on Kol's route. It is said that he is bathing in the bathroom across the med bay - I suppose is the private one talked about in Zed route - but,after the showers,the background is still of the private bathroom and the text said the MC picked a towel in the rack near the locks, meaning he walked in the nude around the ship and there is no change of background or this was just a error of text. Also, he put his dirty clothes in the bathroom,but them they are changed to new ones, meaning that Kol or is magical to enter the LOCKED bathroom or the MC is blind from walking around the ship naked without bumping into Kol. 🤣🤣

Kol's family is rich? He bought a ship for himself...alone... I don't know if he says about it later,but if not,you may increment in there with a talk about how he got the money during the war to buy a fucking ship by himself.

The talk about mate was funny 🤣🤣🤣

I got the option of spice cake. The dialogue says Kol eats half of it,but after a little talk he goes off to somewhere and MC goes back to cargo thing,soooooo,the cake got to the bin or it just wasn't explicit that MC eats the other half? 🤔


He is short cutting “initialization”

Oops 😬 I will fix that

haha ok 

That is a bit strange...what is "The small of your back" supposed to mean? I was thinking it was talking about his ass or dick,as it is not said if MC is back or front to Kol, but still, that sentence is so strange that I don't know what is it talking about 🤣🤣

The small of your back is that area in the middle of your back where it starts to curve just above your butt. It might be an American phrase that doesn’t translate well.

Oooh that explains. Yeah,it translated very strange hahaha

Okay,Kol dick is also strange like a mushroom 🤣🤣🤣 also,a little point in there: dicks his size doesn't reach 45°. Dick isn't muscles,it doesn't have the needed strength to go up with all the blood mass in there. They tend to be more bend, almost straight, in case it is not only long but also thick,it doesn't even go up by much comparing to it flaccid, it just grows bigger.

Yeah, human anatomy penises lecture 🤣🤣

(1 edit)

"getting into own his bed." Must I say more? 

Ooh so the cake is in the chiller. You jumped that text 🤣

Kol says "We need to talk alone." 

MC stays in the scene listening to the conversation 😶 were is the supposed "me and you talking alone"? 🤣

Eeeeh,I opted to talk with MC's stepdad at the start,but the dialogue was the same as when I didn't during Zed route... shouldn't be different? He already said most of the things he says now during the call.

Also,how the fuck is it that MC does the same self defense moves in Kol route as he did with Zed - which gave training to him? 

That sounds like a bug. He should only do the self defense if you played with Zed.

then should be,cuz he did self defense both when he tried grip MC arm and used knee to groin too

(8 edits)

HELLOU! I've seen your game at youtuber wolftooth channel and decided to play a bit. ^-^ 

I'll be playing the Android most recent version.

I didn't saw anything about reporting bugs and typos there,so I'll just send in the comments and if you think it better due to spoilers,just delete the comment. 

As I've started playing the game  (the corrector put time there 🙄) there's like 5min,I don't have much to say about it,but I liked the theme and the art,also the menu is okay. I think the most interesting thing that I saw is the gallery, as even tough it doesn't have - at least at the start,or I just didn't touched things enough - a lot of images of the characters,it does have a background history,which is,on itself,pretty interesting and also demonstrates a compromise with the development of the game.

You were from South USA? I saw one word, "cantina" - was pretty strange, as that word is canteen in my idiom (portuguese) and it was the first time I saw it in English - and the Google translator said it is common in South USA...


There is a "a" missing there: "Just before he leaves, he gives you smile and a nod." is the correct, but it fits more,and also seems more fluid just as "...he gives you a smile and nods.", tough that is just about choices,not grammar. 

It seems interesting the idea of putting puzzles or minigames in situations like that of the door, you just need to be careful to not overdo it or putting something that is too hard or repetitive, as that tends to bore common folk and makes the less patient ones possibly abandon the game. 

In the ship searching for food it would be better just remove the options after you already did that choice, as it just repeats the text and you were anyway obliged to return from where you came. Sorry for the English, I don't know how to write it better. 😐

Also,maybe it is for a later part of the game, but after you return there is a background art of the cargo thing and there's a fucking makeshift bed in there out of nowhere. It doesn't follow the story at all...

I recomend you to introduce the name of the ship during the crew introduction or something,because in the dialogues of questions the main character simply knows the name of the ship out of nowhere,which is very inconsistent with the story.

During the ship exploration I got to the observation deck,but when I came there again with Zed,the text was as if it was the first time the MC - Main Character - came here and he demonstrates shock and surprise...

I think there is a "door" missing in that phrase...

Chapter...I think it is 7,it would feel more natural if Zed and MC report to the captain that they were both free to go per Doc words. Also,wtf!! They were looking like a teenager couple full of hormones only thinking about sex and then they start to play games? That was really strange... like,all the desire just evaporated like that? It would be more "real" if something happened to remove the desire at that time and they decided to play after or if they just go for sex.

I’m glad you found your way here.!Thanks so much for the notes! I will be sure to take a look.

Me both, and also glad to help.

I just finished Zed route and I liked the game. Tough short - as expected,as the game isn't complete - it was a funny experience and pass time. 

I will read again it, but the shopping part was strange to me...like what I did understand in that part was that Kol called the MC but he was kidnapped in front of the crew and the other people - I think it was Kol that was talking about hating crowds like the one in that mall -, which would be pretty strange. Maybe I just got it wrong, but if it is really like that, it is very unrealistic. 

But in overall the game is good. Nice history, soundtrack and arts. The only drawback was that it is short hahaha. There were some grammar errors,but I was seriously expecting to find more - not being negative, just that it is common with games in progress, sometimes even in finished games -, but I found like 2 grammar errors,that I already reported in the other comment for you to look at. 

It was fun playing and I do plan on playing the other routes too. Also,I'm curious...will there be a route for Doc and...I forgot his name...the human engineer? 

Happy that the fucking pirate is dead at the end FINALLY. He is a very annoying character haha. I would've killed him in the airlock if possible.

If I'm gonna give it a note from 0 to 10 comparing it with other VN I would give this one 7/10, as I didn't found the storyline so immersive, like, some parts I really felt myself in the MC place,but most of the time I didn't, tough I dunno if it was because the way the text was wrote or other motive. But yeah, that comparation isn't fair,as the game isn't complete and the other novels do have a lot more contet just from being finished, so I'll just compare it with other betas/demos, which makes me think of it as 9.5/10. Yeah,I not give it a 10. It is more due to the immersion of the story than anything, as there is little typos/bugs in the game. I do think it values the time spent in playing it, as the game can give a little time of enjoyment and diversion. 

Just a little preference of myself: I think the MC penis art EXTREMELY strange 🤣 like,wtf. Okay,dicks really do remember mushrooms,but again,wtf, the MC dick is literally a mushroom growing in his groin. It made me think more funny of the scenes that do show his dick than anything. I didn't like penises like Zed's one,but it is understandable as he is alien and etc.,there's people that likes it too. 

Well,in resume: that's an awesome game and I hope you continue it. Also,congratulations for the good work till now.👏🏻👏🏻

There is a unnecessary thing in the "About". The page have scroll down to read the text that doesn't fit in the screen,but there is no need for it. When you scroll down there is no loss of words. I don't know exactly how to put it in words,so I I'll just put a print and hope you understand haha.

See ya! 😎👌🏻

when will nasir route be available? so  far only played Kol's route, damn. 


Currently Kol, Razix, and Zed are finished. I hope to have Nasir done by the end of next month!

Kol and Razix routes were nice, and Zed is my fav <3

Definitely will try reading the books too.

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

OMFHG ZED I LOVE YOU. Rob why are you making me choose between all of these men. I swear we need an orgy route or something. Can't wait for the last 2 routes.

😁 Zed was a lot of fun to write. I’m glad you love him.

(1 edit) (+1)

Enjoy this game and can't wait the Nasir route. 
By the way, I found the game because of your novels Timber Pack Chronicles.
Great books too.

Awesome! I’m glad you found the game.

really awesome game dude,I’m really looking forward to doc’s route 

Thank you! 😊


Love, love, love the Zed route - what a big hairy sweetheart.  Genuinely enjoyed all of the routes so far and am super hyped for Nasir.


Zed was fun to write. I’m working on Nasir now!


Just played it, it's amazing!

Its weird seeing the way Nasir treat you in Zed route, especially after playing Kol's route

Cant wait for a route for Doc, Keep up the good work!


Nasir does have different motivations depending on the route you pick. He’s still the same guy, I guess it depends on if he sees you as competition or not 😁


Zed was sweet!  Kol will always be my first love, though.  Thank you for the update.


Agreed, but Zed stole my heart in this new round... Although Raz is a lot of fun 😂


Alternate scene in Kol's route:

Yoshi gets self-defense training from Zed, then when Kol puts him in a headlock, he gets out of it. Much to Kol's confusion, since Yoshi doesn't know about Katarran customs.


Zed is adorably awkward, too goddamn cute. Nice seeing another side of Nasir towards Yoshi compared to how was in Kol route. Cannot wait to experience their own route next.

Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far!

I am absolutely in love with this game! If only I can find a real life kind of Zed... I am picking up a few small typos during the dialog with Doc after the Incident where the Pirates try to take Yoshi back... I can get some screen shots if you like.

Thanks for letting me know. I will double check it!

how can I update the game rob?

I’d you use the Itch app, then you can update it through the app. If not, just download the game again and unzip it into the old location and overwrite the old game files.

If you download the new version dn install it android usually treats it like an update and keeps all the game's log files and data etc, while giving you the new version


I've been following this game for a while now. I'll also say that I wasn't expecting too much from Zed's route, but my word, he's become my favorite character now. He's the sweetest guy that will pummel anyone who looks at you wrong into a pulp, and it's adorable.

Keep it up! I'm definitely looking forward to Nasir and the Doc's routes.

That’s great to hear!

I’m very happy with how Zed turned out and I’m glad to know you like him 😊


I love this game Rob and thank you very much for putting in the time to produce something unique for the gaymer community. I would like to make on suggestion tho, when searing itch "tags" (Bara, Gay) HC dose not show up. . .  Maybe change that so others can easily find the game :) I will be waiting, and watching patiently, thanks again for all the effort ((hugs)) 

(1 edit)

Thanks for the kind words. I do have bara and gay in the tags, but it's also marked mature, so I don't think it shows up in the searches by default 😕

I had to save this page in order to find the game easily because it doesn't even come up when searching with the exact name of the game. I don't know why, I thought it was only me.

In your Itch Settings page, do you have NSFW content allowed? I know that people can see it, because I see referrals from itch NSFW tags.

Oh! Thanks it was not. 

ok just played both stories and i am in love with this game. Are there going to be more chapters in the final game?

Right now, each path will have 10 chapters. Thanks for playing!

Hi , just played half an hour, and the story is amazing, great characters design as well.

Can anyone tell me which character is romanceable right now (version 0.65),  I like Nasir, but it seems he's not romanceable?

Currently only Kol and Razix are complete. Zed is nearly finished and will be released soon. After that I will start working on Nasir. 

hi, the game is so emotional I love it too, I ve never seen the doc and it ends at chapter 10 do somebody have answers to come further or have a happy end with all on board ?

It would be very pleased😄😘😊😍

Doc’s final artwork will be available in the next update. You can see a sneak peek of him in the Dev Log.

The current game release is 10 chapters and includes Kol and Razix as playable routes. The next update adds Zed  😊

Love the game ☺ keep up the good work 😉

Thank you!

I love love love this game. Was a fan of robs books and now this! I can't even. Any eta on zed can't wait to try his route

My goal is to finish his ending this week then build a test release. If all goes well, it should be next week!

Hi, is this available on ipad

The game isn't currently available on iPad. I hope once the game is closer to completion, I'll create a version for the iOS store. (That version will have nudity and other content censored.)

Please tell me the next update won't take long! This game is awesome! Will there be new romance routes in the next one?


Wow! Doc is extremely handsome!! Love the sprite :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, judging by how the game depicts the MC, I doubt if there will be an option to be on Top when doing the Kol route... right? That aside, I really hoped that there could be more interactions between NPCs. For instance, if the player choose to go on the Razix route, then maybe Nasir and Kol can have a side plot, as we know that they have shared a moment before.

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