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Yoshi Garcia is stuck in a rut, professionally and personally... until he finds himself kidnapped by alien pirates. At first opportunity, he escapes, stowing away aboard a cargo freighter, where he hopes to hide out until he can sneak off the ship. Unfortunately for Yoshi, he's immediately discovered by the freighter crew.

Kol is the gruff warrior who commands the ship. Razix, the red-skinned flirty Regulan, is the ship's hot-shot pilot. Zed, the furry Zaurian beast, is the security chief. Nasir, the territorial human, keeps the ship's systems running. And finally, Doc, the intelligent blue-skinned Sargan, keeps the crew patched up.

Help Yoshi find adventure and romance (and hot sex) amongst the stars!

Human Cargo features male/male situations and is intended for mature audiences.

Story Design and Programming by Rob Colton
Crew Character Artwork by Jacky Black
Yoshi and NPC Character Artwork by Illuminate001
Background Artwork by kjkjmulo
Graphical User Interface by Hijiri
Original Soundtrack by eerron

If you're interested in helping fund development, consider becoming a patron at Patreon. All contributions will go into developing the visual novel: paying for graphics, music, and other things I am unable to create myself.

The Human Cargo beta release is now available to download for PC. Mac, and Android!

Donation Specials

Donation specials are now available, including eBook copies of the Galactic Conspiracies eBooks, set in the same universe as Human Cargo.

  • $5.00+ : receive a copy of The Degan Incident (Galactic Conspiracies #1) eBook
  • $10.00+: receive a copy of all three Galactic Conspiracies eBooks

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Wich CGs are you guys working on now or next?

The next CG in the pipeline is for Doc's final love scene 😁

Ahhh, I thought Nasir was next, oh well should still be interesting :) 

OH, Nasir is actually in the 0.90 version coming this week. Sorry for the confusion!

Sorry to bother,but I'm too excited because I would like to know if you are done with Docs route I'm very sorry to bother you.

Version 0.90 with Doc is being tested by the Patreons now, and barring any big bugs, I plan to release it this coming week!


I was super excited to see that this has updated! Last I checked on it I think it was only version 60. I spent all evening going through the new routes and enjoying the new added CGs, they're all really well done and I thoroughly enjoyed all the new dialogue expansions. I really felt like the options you pick with Yoshi impacted his personality, but not so much that it completely changed him as a person, which is a fine line to walk, and it made the repeat playthrough's really enjoyable.

If I have any one thing to critique its Nasir route. I get what he's going for and that its probably not aimed at me, but, I just got the feeling he was kind of plowing over Yoshi and really pushing himself hard onto him was pretty squicky for me. It just came across as less sexy and more sexual harassment. I did warm up to him toward the end though as he was actively trying to reign himself in and respect Yoshi more, or at least he did with the options I picked. I just think having a scene where boundaries, and better yet, a safe word can be discussed earlier in the route would really make his route better. There's nothing sexier than informed consent.

That sounds bad when I type it all out, but I really just want to thank you for making this available for free. I really enjoyed the world and the characters, and I just want to see it improve. I'm super excited for Docs route, he's probably the one thats the most "me" out of all these guys and I've enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed all the others so far, especially Razixs and Zed (Noone gets poor Razixs sense of humour. I like his flirty jokes) and am eagerly anticipating more.

Yeah, Nasir is not everyone's cup of tea, I get that for sure.

Thanks for your feedback!

Just wanted to say that your work on this game is appreciated by me! It's pretty easy for a dating sim to get me really invested in the characters romantically, but few can do the same sexually. Nasir (and Kol to a lesser extent) really hit the head on the nail there, so great job.

Speaking of which, are there any alternating paths to miss out on with Nasir like how you can top Razix only if you do the right stuff? He's by far my favorite character and I wanna make sure I did everything.

Nasir's choices relate to how "kinky" he is, e.g. spanking or not, or rope play or not. If you got that choice at the end, I believe you should have seen everything.


Does someone know how to unlock the new artwork

I love your stories so glad to see this new work.

(1 edit)

I know that Razix is present in the Galactic Conspiracies series (I remembered that there was a Regulan), but I just read again Volume 2 and considering how the book ended, I can only assume that Human Cargo takes place before the series?

Because if not, then it's either another Razix or the content of the book has changed since I bought it.

I believe I make a reference in the HC text of a story told to Razix by a cousin I think it was. Raz in HC comes from a large family, many of whom are pilots in the Union. So in my mind, the Razix in The Cassini Mission is a distant relative of his.

Their personalities are different as well. Razix in HC is more playful.

(Truthfully, I re-purposed the name and thought I’d spelled it Razyx in the book, but didn’t realize it was the same until I was working on Zed’s story.)

I understand better now, thank you very much for these explanations. :D

(I fully understand that now it is too late to change the spelling.  Unless I change in my own version of the ebook "Razix" to "Razyx" to avoid asking myself the same question a few months or years later... XD)

Anyway,how far are you to being done with Docs route? Excited to play it!

I'm working on finishing up Doc now. I hope to have him ready by the end of the month/beginning of October.

How do I top Razix? I remember I did it long time ago (I think Doc didn't even have sprites), but now I don't remember how...


To top Razix, you have to have oral with him in Chapter 5, then have sex in Chapter 6, then tell him you love him in Chapter 7. If you do this, you'll get to see both CG event artworks for his ending.


I got it! Damn, Razzi looks delicious as a bottom. Can't wait to see the upcoming CGs for everyone. Hopefully you'll make a walkthrough as well.

Once I have Doc squared away, I'm going to try do to some basic walk-throughs 😊


I like zed

I'm glad! I like him too 😊

Will there be Doc's route because ive played all the routes please tell me if there is as soon as you can. No rush.


Can the next chapter(chapter 11) be where yoshi is pregnant with their children. But can it start with Zed please?

I would like to say that I have enjoyed the game for a long time and am happy about  how much work was put into this. But just out of curiosity, would there be a kind of scene where we could know or learn more about about the Wixanite species perhaps?

I'm yet to unlock any of the character-related CG's. I didn't even know there were any, but people in the comments keep mentioning them...

Do I miss something?

I’m adding CGs with each release. With the current release, you should be able to see Kol and Yoshi, Razix and Yoshi, and Zed and Yoshi in their respective Chapter 10 endings. Of course, it does depend on your choices. (See the spoiler under the comment about Razix’s path above for him.)

I had Razzi's 0.80 CG unlocked, how do I unlock the one released in 0.85?

You'll have to replay the end of Razix's Chapter 10 and then the game will know you've seen it.

No, you don't get it. There are two CGs for Razix, right? I have the older one, but don't know how to unlock the new  one. The one from Chapter 10 is the one I have.

The new one is shown when Razix makes the offer to let you top him. To get it to show in your gallery, you have to replay that scene. (And then you’ll get the original CG after.)

Okay, I remember being able to do that, but I cannot reach that point in the story, what do I do to top him?

(1 edit)

I really loved Zed's route. Thank you so much for creating this game! <3

PS: An idea of when the route for Doc will be available?

I’m on track to have Doc ready at the end of September/beginning of October!


Hey, sorry if it's a bit weird that I'm commenting again but I've literally become a superfan of you, the game and all the characters (especially Zed). I'm probably going to open a fan blog and I'm definitely going to try and draw fanart.

I wanted to ask if you have a business email or a way to contact you because I found some spelling and grammar mistakes, and a sprite mishap that I noted down while re-playing the game for the 3rd time (Zed's route). I still need to play the other routes to potentially find more but I really want to help in all ways I can because I'm not able to donate and I seriously love this game and its characters to death, like I'm not even joking.

You can email me at robcub32 at yahoo.com with any bugs you find 😊


I'm just here to share my love of Kol in a world filled with Zed lovers :P This vn is definitely one of my favourites to have played, and every single route was enjoyable from start to finish! Look forward to further updates and getting to play Doc's route (hopefully haha).

Kudos to the entire team behind this, you guys did an amazing job with everything! <3

Awesome! I love Kol, too 😊

Had to make a donation— and do you have a Patreon?? Supporting gay art and stories are important but WOW this had me tearing up. Beautiful stories. Keep making art; the gay community needs you.

Thank you so much! Your donation is helping me add all the great CGs to the game 😊 

I do have a Patreon set up, its https://www.patreon.com/robcolton


I literally registered an account to say how much your game has touched me and won't be getting out of my mind any time soon. Putting all sexual things aside, I've never felt so attached and 'loved' by so many characters and none of the characters, story or conversations felt fake. They felt real. I've literally spent the whole day playing the game and I think I'm going to replay it again and again. I've played a lot of similar games, visual novels and such, and this game has got me wishing that these characters were real and I could be with them. All of you on the team who developed the characters, wrote the conversations/story, drew the amazing backgrounds that are so detailed and the actual characters themselves, coded everything you have literally outdone yourselves. I'm extremely lonely, struggling with mental health and been feeling really hopeless about my future love life and friends after 4 heartbreaks and ending so many friendships, not having people who care about me on a deep level at all unlike Zed did, who's my favourite of them all. But I love all of them. I fucking wish I could donate because I support you 100%, and I will definitely be following as you continue updating the game, but I'm not able to until in the farther future.

To the whole team, from all departments. You took me on a journey, created a really good story and villain, created and drew these amazingly hot guys and their unique and precious personalities, made me have a lot of 'fun', made me feel like I belong somewhere... and more importantly made me feel genuinely loved and protected like Zed did. Thank you so much..


Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Your kind, heartfelt words are worth more than any donation. 

I will pass on your message to the rest of the people who worked on the game. I'm sure they'll be as touched as I am.

Thank you!

Rob ❤

This is so heart-touching T.T Your comment is really cool, it touched me also. Zed is the cutest wolf doggo uwu. I still remember this game and the crew)))

i learned that these games are fitting for my channel

Thanks for playing the game! 😊


This is amazing, the story , the music , the characters , im so fall in love with Zed e.e Love all of this game.


Thank you so much!!


Will Doc be on the next one, cause i really hope so


Yes, I'm working on writing Doc now 😊

I think, for me personally, Doc is going to be my favorite! And I can't wait for his story!


Hello :) i wanted to ask, if you could make a "bonus button" in Biography cards, where we could see preview of diffrent "outfits" of characters that we have unlocked (like underwear version, flaccid version, etc.)? That would be cool :) (i hope you can understand, english isn't my motherlanguage)


That’s a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

No, I thank you for your amazing game and i can't wait for CG for my Nazir puppy <3

How do i get Zed's CGs?


Zed doesn’t have any CGs yet. We’re working to get the first one complete. It will hopefully be in the next update. Thanks!

I love how you've written the characters, they are all so wonderful in their own ways! Razix has to be my favorite route tho~ The game is looking more and more amazing with every update. I look forward to what's to come next~

Why can't i save the game

If you hit the Menu button in the upper right corner, you should be able to hit the Save button to open the save page. You then choose a Save slot to actually save the game.

Use the numbers or arrows at the bottom of the save/load page to switch pages of save games.

The game also automatically saves periodically, and those are available in the "A" page on the Save/Load screen.

How do you get the CGs? I completed the story with Razix, but didn't get his.

Ok, I figured out what was going on here.

Razix actually has two sex scenes with Yoshi, in Chapter 6 and Chapter 10.

If your choices bypass that first time in Chapter 6, at the end of the story, you'll get that one instead of the second scene. And the first sex scene doesn't have a CG yet.

To get the first scene, you'll have to have oral in Chapter 5, otherwise you get the oral scene in Chapter 6.

Btw, I heard there is a scene where you top Razzi... please tell me there is a CG coming for that!!!

Got the CGs for Kol and Razix. I can't wait to see Zed's and Nasir's.

(1 edit)

definitely not enough raz love in these comments ❤️ he's definitely my favorite so far, i love how sweet and silly he can be besides the horniness lol


I love writing him because he is funny. My hope is when people play his route they see there is a little more to him than jokes and horniness 😊

I seriously can't wait for more. I enjoy this game so much

Thank you so much!

I can't wait to see what happens next.  I hope their is more with zed. But this is still a very great game 


Hey Rob! This update is amazing! Thank You for such experience! Thanks to all of your crew (music,cgs,artworks etc.). Music in Doc's lab is outsatnding too... I just can't get enough of your hardwork... It really brightens up my day, thank you for that once again! I have a question though, are you planning to add some space easter eggs like ringworld or dyson sphere when they are on the way to space station? It's just a question and kinda of suggestion. But anyways great work! I'm looking forward to Doc's route and all CGs. Good luck with that and good luck to all members of your crew. You are doing amazing job!

Thank you so much! I'll be sure to pass on your praises to the rest of the team.

I do hope to add some space based CGs in the future, so I'll think about what we can do there.

I don't think i've ever fallen for a fictional character as hard as i fell for Zed, i literally started crying the moment the credits came up T---------T WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME MR ROB COLTON!?!?!?!!?
Best vn i've ever played hands down!, can't wait for Doc's route ^^ 

Thank you! I'm glad to hear you love Zed 😊

(2 edits)

is it possible for you to update it so we can date the doctor or the engineer guy,  that would be amazing. 

Update to version 0.80 and you'll be able to date Nasir the engineer. Doc isn't ready yet, but he's next.

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For some reason I can't get Nasir's route. Am I doing something wrong?

Obvious question--- did you download the update?

I did. I've done Kol's, Razix's, and Zed's story but every time I try to get to Nasir I don't get an option to sit next to him. 

Huh, that's something. All I do is download the new files and replace the old. Hopefully someone else can find you a solution. Sorry, bud. 

You don’t need to sit with Nasir. You get the actual choice after the breakfast scene.

Thanks for telling me. I had a brain fart for not remembering that part.

I've tweaked that part of the game a bit so it's a little clearer. It'll be in the next update.

That was definitely something, I am so happy that I played this game, also Zed's route is the best!! <3  

Thank you for this game, it made me feel happiness and love, and I am happy that Yoshi has the person he always dreamed of ^_^

I will keep in touch with this project for later updates, and other cool things, I am definitely a fan :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I love the update and Nasir's route. Looking forward for more final art for Kol and Razix, plus Zed and Nasir. And question, when is Doc's route going to be released?

I'm going to start working on Doc, but it will probably be a couple of months.


Nasir route is by far my most favorite one.


I love him so goddamn much, even when he treats you like shit (for understandable reasons) in Kol's route, I couldn't help but still want him back then. He's just so commanding, dominate, claims you as his property, you're his, you belong to him. Or when he gets jealous of others looking at you in a sexual way, how he's so quick to verbally defend you and physically protect you from harm. I knew the scent fetish was coming cause even in other routes he has sweat stain on his wifebeater so its a given but damn y'all went all out with it yessss <3

now a minor nitpick, I've noticed in all the routes outside of Kol's, he's still the one that's there to defend you from that pirate rapist. I kinda wish that who ever's route you're on would do that instead of it always defaulting to Kol.

I'm glad you liked it! I know the scent thing is a turn off for some people, so I made it optional, but I knew some of us would dig it!


This is so exciting! Nasir is the best. I was wondering if in the future new characters will be introduced? 👀


If you waiting the update and it's difficult for you to wait....  Human cargo is awesome :).
Why not read : the trilogy "galactic conspiracies" by rob colton too ;)

(yes it's a good price, you can take it. Cheap for 3 great story, real story, 3 real good book. I just finished this trilogy ;)


Et si vous attendez impatiemment les update de human cargo qui est un jeu vraiment cool :

Pour quoi ne pas lire : "galactic conspiracies" qui est disponible en français sur amazon mais aussi en fr sur d'autres boutiques pour ceux qui sont allergiques à amazon.
Vous pouvez aussi acheter cette trilogie ici et demander à "rob colton" la version ebook FR ;).

Ce n'est pas des petits ebook que vous regretterez d'avoir acheté. Mais 3 véritables histoires, Pas chez pour 3 histoires intéressantes, 3 livres captivant. 
(Je viens juste de finir cette trilogie ;) )

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