Human Cargo 0.96 Now Available

Human Cargo Version 0.96 is now available!

This update adds a new CG during the Kol route. And with this version, all of the soundtrack music is complete!

What's New

  • Kol Initiates a Ritual - final CG artwork
  • Soundtrack - final music for Border Station Theme
  • Soundtrack - final music for Phestur's Theme
  • Gallery - Fix Interior Diagram CG not unlocking
  • Misc bug fixes

If you're interested in testing an iOS release for iPad/iPhone, it's available to Patreon subscribers. (Note that the iOS release has the Censored option permanently enabled, so the CGs and sprites with nudity are not present in the game.)

Files 327 MB
Feb 21, 2020
HumanCargo-0.96-mac.dmg 306 MB
Feb 21, 2020
HumanCargo-0.96-android.apk 337 MB
Feb 21, 2020
HumanCargo-0.96-linux.tar.bz2 310 MB
Feb 21, 2020

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Super interesting. I've now finished 3/5 routes in the game, Kol, Nasir, and Zed.

I started with Kol's route, and definitely liked in, but... after running through it, was generally pleased with it. I liked his slower building route, while maintaining the interesting sex thing. The weird plot about Nasir being a catty jealous hoe was... uh, weird, but I guess the route needed SOME sort of drama or stakes? It was weird
I felt like this route was easily the most canon, considering Kol's role in other routes. Plus, considering how he ends up, I liked it. Really friggin' good.

Then I did Nasir's route, because of his role in Kol's route. It... felt remarkably shallow. I appreciated a game actually having a guy who is fairly rough and dominating, but man... in exchange for the (surprisingly mutual) sexing, I sure didn't get to know Nasir very much.
I liked and appreciated how straight up sexual and direct the route was, but god dayum! Nasir is crazy insecure and whiny. 

I then did some extras, and moved on to Zed's route. Fuck it, let's go furry
So I was enjoying it, besides the kinda bleh 'Zed smelling you' mystery thing.
I thought it was interesting, cute, sexual, and had a surprising kink in it mentioned slightly, which... huh, I had no idea I was into that brief kink. Uh-oh...!
But it was very good, and felt more substantial than Nasir's route!
Really sweet, good time spent with Zed, and surprisingly sexual. Yay!

Random Thoughts & Critiques:
--I noticed that... all the routes are sorta similar. It's not uncommon for more "direct" visual novels, and isn't bad, but was noticeable. Good length tho!
--I don't know how to explain it... but, I thought the characters looked better in CG's than their sprites? Usually it's the opposite problem, but I was surprised with how much more I liked certain character's builds and expressions in the CG's!
--Man, for how much they talk about big penises, they're... kinda small and dumpy looking on the character sprites. Still nice to have though.
--I feel the world-building in nice for window-dressing, and serves the smut well enough.  The characters are slightly on the bland side,  maybe it'd be nicer if characters like exploded, or had stronger, more expressive traits expressed in their first meetings. The main character is bland despite actually having a name, weirdly.
--I like that the main character thus far is strictly a bottom, and the love interests are seemingly all horny tops. FINALLY, THANK YOU GOD.
--I don't want to romance him, but Doctor Guy is awesome. What a bro!

--The game seems nearly complete, which is really heartening to see. I look forward to it's official release, where I'll buy a copy. And if a project comes afterwards, I'll definitely be interested in it! Fantastic job Mr.Colton!

Thanks Rob for fix the Interior Diagram CG bug¡¡¡¡  I love the new CG. Does we are going to get more CG`s in the following updates?

Yes! My plan is to add at least one non-sex CG for each of the other crew.

Awesome¡¡¡¡¡ any plans for additional side route like in Kol's route?

How do I unlock the new CG?

The new CG event occurs in the latter half of Kol's Chapter 5, in the galley, when Yoshi goes to make Kol coffee.

I look forward to having my computer repaired to play the last updates!

Have you noticed that Nasir doesn't have the cg's when Yoshi and him are playing pool and it evolves into sex? When he fingers and sucks Yoshi off and Yoshi sucks Nasir off?