Human Cargo 0.97 Now Available

Human Cargo Version 0.97 is now available!

This update adds three new CGs! I'm really excited to finally show these off in the game. I think JB did a great job as usual bringing these scenes to life.

What's New

  • Added menu option to hide UI (useful on devices without keyboards)
  • Kol Showers with Yoshi - final CG artwork
  • Razix's Gift - final CG artwork
  • Zed and Yoshi's Big Day - final CG artwork
  • Minor tweaks to Gallery UI
  • Add support for future translations
  • Mac DMG image now includes an alias to the Applications folder
  • Misc bug fixes

If you're interested in testing an iOS release for iPad/iPhone, it's available to Patreon subscribers. (Note that the iOS release has the Censored option permanently enabled, so the CGs and sprites with nudity are not present in the game.)

Files 329 MB
May 24, 2020
HumanCargo-0.97-mac.dmg 308 MB
May 24, 2020
HumanCargo-0.97-android.apk 339 MB
May 24, 2020
HumanCargo-0.97-linux.tar.bz2 313 MB
May 24, 2020

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Hi Rob, love all your stuff, been following you from the Literotica and GayAuthors days.  There seems to be a crash along Doc's route in this version, just before the first choice menu after starting his route. For reference, the prior line was "Of course. You're welcome to ask me anything you'd like." by Doc.

Oh no, thanks for letting me know 😖

That's a new conversation I added and I forgot to account for old save games. Hitting Ignore will let the game continue and I'll make a patch to fix it before the next release.

How many sex scene does Kol have? just a confirmation

Kol has potentially three scenes, the scene in the shower, an oral scene in his quarters in Chapter 8, and the final love scene in Chapter 10.


Zed and yoshis...... YES. YES.


It looks like Kol's size also got an upgrade.

I'm really happy about this! :)