Human Cargo 0.95 CG Artwork Guide (SPOILERS)


With Human Cargo 0.95, a few CGs have been added to the gallery. Here's an updated CG Artwork Guide.


  1. Trailer - This will always be unlocked when a game isn't in progress
  2. Cygnus Colony
  3. Cargo Freighter BARAKAI
  4. BARAKAI Interior Diagram
  5. Yoshi Fantasizes
  6. The BARAKAI is Surrounded
  7. Holo Simulation – Sargas
  8. Border Station
  9. Phestur's Demise
  10. The BARAKAI arrives at Cygnus
  11. Kol and Yoshi in Bed
  12. Razix and Yoshi in Bed #1
  13. Razix and Yoshi in Bed #2
  14. Zaurian Anatomy - Male (NEW in 0.95)
  15. Zed and Yoshi in Bed #1
  16. Zed and Yoshi in Bed #2
  17. Nasir and Yoshi in Bed (No Kink)
  18. Nasir and Yoshi in Bed (Kink)
  19. Doc and Yoshi in Bed #1 (NEW in 0.95)
  20. Doc and Yoshi in Bed #2 (NEW in 0.95)
  21. Yoshi In The Middle (NEW in 0.95)
  22. Yoshi is Phestur's Slave
  23. Yoshi's Untimely Demise

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I can't get #7..... how???


Sorry, I'm running the 0.95 version, I've played razix route twice but couldn't get either ending artwork. How do you obtain razix and Yoshi in bed 1 and 2? Is there some sort of combination?

so i have played this game dozens of times but i got a new laptop so i had to redownlod the game and re get all the artwork. I have played and unlocked Razix's rought and got both images in the past, but sence i redonloded the game i can not unlock the images for rezix and im very confused. Did the trigger events change for his art or were they removed? i have replayed his rought 5 time or so to try to figure it out but i am having difficulty. please help <3

The first Razix CG requires you have oral in Chapter 5 and then sex with Razix in Chapter 6, but also you need to tell him you love him in Chapter 7 ... and then he'll ask if you want to top him, which will lead to the first CG.

see i have done that  but the image dose not unlock for me in the gallary, like i said, i have seen it before but now i cant. :(  idk

i dont know what the qlitch was but with this last update the images are back. thank <3

I can't unlock CG#21 (yoshi in the middle). Can someone help me please ?


To get that one, you'll need to play Kol's route and then avoid physical interaction with him -- do not kiss him in the med bay, and then do not let him shower with you. When Nasir confronts you in the galley, you'll be given a choice that will lead down an alternate path.


Thank you for your help ! and thank you for the game, you did an amazing job ! ;)

How do I unlock #14. I've gone through Zeds story but I haven't seen the part of if I should peek at him. I need help.

That one appears if you explore the ship and go to the med bay. You'll flip through a book on Doc's workstation.

I need some clue i hardly try to find how get ending Yoshi is phestur's slave but it seems tricky to get.

To get to this CG, in the beginning you should be passive. Don't provoke your uncle, then don't fight or talk back to Phestur. When you're trapped in his cabin, choose to wait and see what happens. Then when the BARAKAI crew boards the ship, don't escape through the airlock -- keep searching instead.

i can't seem to get any of razzi's cg's, can anybody help me with that? i've already done the route twice but didn't find any of the cg's with razix.

Hm.. finished all CG's EXCEPT the buggy Ship layout one and the Zaurian Anatomy(Male) one. 

Did anyone achieve the Zaurian Anatomy CG yet? How to obtain it? That's the only CG that I don't have yet. Thank you in advance!

*Spoilers* Whenever you're allowed to explore the ship, it's in the Med bay. The story will automatically take you to it. 

I already did that (twice in Zed's route) and repeated it. I see the book, then it reads that Yoshi doesn't find anything interesting and moves it back to the cover page. Is there any way for me to trigger the CG? Did I miss any action between Yoshi and Zed?

Yeah, you missed something. So when they're in the bathroom taking a leak, Yoshi needs to "Take a Peek" at Zed. He'll be curious then. 

Once you're free to explore the ship, you go to the med bay and you'll unlock it because Yoshi will be curious and flip to the page. 

Where’s the bathroom scene, I’ve been trying to look through the game but i can’t find the bathroom scene for peeking at zed?


how did you get the razix ones? i did his route 3 times already and i couldn't get them... pls help


How do I get Yoshi's Untimely Demise?

How do you unlock the Barakai interior diagram in your gallery?  I've played through all five guys and and it's the last one I've got to get.


It looks like there's a bug with that one. If you unlocked it before it got redesigned with the hover effect, then it shows up correctly. If you unlocked it after, then it stays locked. I'll fix it in the next update.

i am with the same problem Barakai interior diagram it blocked…   and I try to find the right path for be slave by the bad guy……

You should say how to get some of those. For example, in some cases its too much trial and error, like choosing to be top or bottom with Razzi. Not to mention I have yet to get any close to Yoshi's demise...


I do plan on doing some walkthroughs, and now that the writing is pretty much done, I should have time to do them.


Yoshi's Demise and Yoshi In the Middle can be found the same way... You choose the Kol route, then avoid intimacy with him. Do NOT kiss him and do NOT shower with him. When Nasir confronts you in the galley, you'll get a menu option that has three choices. One of them will continue on the Kol path, one will lead you to Yoshi's Demise, and one will lead you to Yoshi In The Middle.

For topping Razzi, you should tell him you love him when that option comes up, and also have sex with him in Chapter 6, which will trigger the Top option in Chapter 10.


You could add the scenes of Kol and Yoshi in the medbay's shower, it's not fair the others get two cg scenes and Kol only gets one... 


I agree! :)


That one is on my list, but now that you mention it, I probably should move it up in the priority, because you're right. He only has one sexy CG and he needs more!

Actually, since he mentioned bath scenes, how about you making one bath scene for each character? Its something that happens with all of the guys, and we only get to see the sprites. Also, situations like Yoshi going to the locker room and finding Razix and Nasir naked should happen more often, you know, Yoshi randomly finding people naked, specially if there was a sexy CG focused on the crew character of the situation. Oh, and since I talked about sprites, a sprite viewer would be nice as well. I know I'm kinda wishlisting, but it just came to my mind.

How do I get the Zed and Yoshi in bed #1  ?

I've played it again and again for a while now but I only get the #2. Any help? Hehe

Also, what is the Yoshi in the middle ? Seems like an interesting CG ;)


take Kol's path, be lovely with him buth never make fisic contact with him. At the kitchen when you and Kol talk with Nasir and he ask if you want to fuck with Kol, answer that you also think that Nasir it's atractive... that option it's the begining of the side route

Deleted 4 years ago

Thanks Kiwoso! Now the only problem I have is to how to get the Zed CG #1 haha

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi Lee, 

Without Spoilers:  1)Be lovely and Touchy, 2) be understandable, 3)you want to be the "mother" of his pups. Lol

With Spoiler: In Zed Route, to get that CG you need to make him imprinted you. Be lovely and Touchy: Clean his  chin, Hug him to thanks the tools, and the most important... at the end of the training Kiss him, His ears and nose are big and great¡¡¡¡

After the call whith his parents stay at the locker room,  at the gallery ask for something else. and then be curioous about all the imprint thing.

When he confess his filings about you, be reciprocal; both of you want to get pups in the future and you desire to give it a try (!!!!!!!!).

Gretings from Mexico.... Engoy it¡¡¡¡ 

I just cant get the Barakai interior Diagram¡¡¡¡ i have all ready played at least 5 times each path and i can't achive it¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ HELP

maybe you need to explore all the rooms in all the routes to get it ?

That one should get added when the "Explore Ship" feature comes up. The artwork is the image that comes up when you get to explore the ship.

Hi Rob, thanks for answer... unfortunally I think it's a bug. I have all ready finish all the routes and also the  side routes several times, exploring every place in each try even after the actualization and I stilll can't achive it. X (

I’ll take a look at it and double check it’s working! Thanks for letting me know.

I think I know why it doesn’t work. I think I broke it when I added the hover hotspots to the map. 

Nice, so... I suppose that could be fix at the next update¡¡¡ Right?