Human Cargo 1.0 Now Available!

Human Cargo Version 1.0 is now available!

This update adds a new CG during Doc's path and adds a Music Room feature in the Gallery.

With this release, all of the story and features are set. There's one more CG in the queue for the title/splash screen, but that looks like it will be the last major update.

It's been a wild ride since I released the first public demo with Bara Jam 2018. Thanks to everyone who supported me, followed me, got the word out...

I am forever grateful. ❤

What's New

  • Added Music Gallery
  • Doc and Yoshi's Virtual Date - final CG artwork
  • Load/Save - add page indicators when on Page 10+
  • Gallery UI - add page indicators to match Save/Load
  • Misc bug fixes

Files 335 MB
Sep 07, 2020
HumanCargo-1.0.0-mac.dmg 314 MB
Sep 07, 2020
HumanCargo-1.0.0-android.apk 345 MB
Sep 07, 2020
HumanCargo-1.0.0-linux.tar.bz2 318 MB
Sep 07, 2020

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hello I would like to know if you have or made a guide in order to unlock everything?

Hi tehre! I just played some of the routes in the game. So far Doc is my favourite one, followed by Kol and Zed (still have to play Nasir's and Razix's). But I was wondering - Rob! Do you plan to expand the game even more? Or make a sequel with our beloved characters?

About expanding... I wish there was more variety in Doc's CGs. The date is cute, and their final sex scene also very, very nice! But was wondering - is there any possibility to make a CG of Doc and Yoshi doing 69? Since they liked it so much and it was their only sexy thing for a time? Or maybe a CG of Doc fingering himself, etc? I just really would love to get more CGs of Doc. What can I say. ^^'

Game is great! I recommended it to my friends, and they liked it as well. We all chose different characters as our main romances, and we stick to them. :D <3

How can i get the Doc and Yoshi's Virtual Date artwork? I can't find a way...

BTW, it is a amazing VN! Thank you Rob Colton!


are you able mess around with more then one crewmate at a time?


Out of all the VNs i play, this is one I always end up at.


The best visual novel game,congratulations and thank you for you work.I will be here if you release a new project for sure.

Congratulations! It must had been a long journey and you should be proud of yourself XD


Congratulations on this release!  Its an impressive feat to start something as a project like this undertakes and to see it through to the end!

Is it just me being dumb or does this new update remove the quit button from the main menu?


Ah, yeah, it did go away on PC on accident. You should still be able to use the close button in the title bar I hope.


Congratulations!  Loved the game and thank you for your hard work ask this time!  Look forward to your next project.


Huge congrats on getting the project to this stage. I love all the Space Husbands and this is one of my personal favourite visual novels. ♥


Congrats on v.1.0