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Rollie Davison is investigating the next big story for his EcoSpy blog when he stumbles into a world he never knew existed. Help Rollie solve the mystery of the rogue... and maybe catch himself a man in the meantime!

Rogue features male/male situations.

Rogue is a point-and-click adventure game in the style of LucasArts classic games. It was developed as a Bara Jam 2019 submission, using Adventure Game Studio.

Story Design and Programming by Rob Colton, Custom Sprites by Katuen, CG Artwork by PauPerish, User Interface elements by CaesarCub, Music by Gustav Holst

Additional credits: Hiddenone, Celianna, Avery, Ayene, HBGames, Freesound.org

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
AuthorRob Colton
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
Made withAdventure Game Studio
TagsBara, Gay, Horror, LGBT, Point & Click, Yaoi
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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Rogue-1.0.1-Windows.zip 26 MB
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Rogue-1.0.1-Android.apk 36 MB
Rogue-1.0.1-Linux.zip 29 MB

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This looks really cool. I have AGS built games I'd like to put on Android but I'm struggling to find any information on it. Could you please clue me in?

I must be dumb I can’t figure out how to take a picture

USE the Phone on an object (Click the phone icon in the inventory, then click on a person or object or hotspot).

My computer say this game is dangerous to download, is not commonly downloaded and should be discarded So I can't install thus game. wish I could play it since it looks interesting but oh well.


is there a fuck scene?

installs but opens to black screen on Galaxy S9 android v 10

Hello. How to go to forest path 

Hello! Sorry but I reaaaaaallyyyy need some help... ¡The Rogue trapped me! I gave him the steak but he always kills me. Please answer quikly. I'll try my best to pass trough it.

//I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME. I don't like point & clicks games that much. But yours is special

You need to put something in the steak to make him sleepy.....

(Use the painkillers on the steak first)

Thank you >w<

im stuck at Roman's house 

hes gone and now i dont know what am supposed to do if i cant leave the house

ive tried everything oranges, beds, night tables and nothing

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Are you stuck outside the house? Did you open the fridge? Did you search near the horse’s pen?

If you’re stuck inside the house, you might want to do some reading. There might be a book of interest downstairs.  😊


I did all of that and still no luck.


Hi tried downloading the android version but it won't install...


Hi Rob, I know I've said this before but I must be terrible at ROGUE because I cant for the life of my navigate the game without the walkthrough lol. Admittedly it does get abit better further into the game, but that could be cause I got more accustomed to the Use/Combine system?

Overall, I am really impressed with how polished your game was! I don't know if GameMaker does these kinds of games easily, but it seems there was so much system work done. The art itself is great too. I like the "Alpha" cowboy fantasy here...this cool fantasy that even by simple need of dominance, a total (normally) unattainable hunk would be interested in me. lol


Heyo! Absolutely loved the game! Will there be an update in the near future for this (hopefully NSFW Content as well) ?


Is this project going to be updated further in the future?  I feel like it ended so abruptly after Roman just barges in kill the rogue. A nice experience th


I initially developed it as a two-month project for Bara Jam, but I've considered having real backgrounds done up and expanding the story if there's interest.

I am in Romans cabin,  I got my broken cell phone from the horse.  Tried talking to Roman, looking around his cabin, checking out the woods can not figure out what I do next!   Even have Romans underware!

You need to give Roman a clue about the rogue....


Spoiler Ahead.

Great game, but you left one plot thread hanging. Did Rollie's environment blog take down the factory? 

LOL, I haven't gotten out of his bedroom yet.


You need to open the envelope and read the letter to unlock your first location 😁

If you get really stuck, there's a Walkthrough.

Thanks!  I tried to interact with everything is every way I could, but I guess I somehow failed this.  I'll try again.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Trying to install on my tablet.   Keeps saying, "App not installed"  any ideas?

There was a problem with the 1.0.1 update for Android. I've put the original release back up until I can fix it. Thanks for letting me know.

This should be fixed now. Try to re-download the 1.0.1 version. Thanks!

Hi there, downloaded the 1.0.1 copy at 18:30est 29/11/2019.  Same issue 'application did not install'.

it is working on my windows computer.

i'm stuck i don't know what to do after Roman goes away to talk to bob and the others :'(

I made a walkthrough in the DevLog, but it sounds like you’re missing something from the fridge? Or maybe you need take another look at the horse!

thanks for the reply! It looks like I was trapped; there was no howling at that point but looking at the walkthrough I realised I didn't go to downtown to get the pills so maybe that's why the end couldnt be triggered :) 

Hmm... It shouldn't have let you get that far without the pills. I'll double-check that!

Deleted post

The default mode is censored, where there is no nudity and suggestive language and most of the swearing is removed. But there is no sexual content in this game.

im so confused on what to do right after the mc gets captured 

you need to break out of the cabin. There should be something there you can use on the window...

I finished the Loman ending, is there are bob ending too? :)

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Sorry, only a Roman ending is available 😁

I downloaded this game for mac, double clicked to open it and it just closes itself automatically :( 
Any idea on how to fix it?

I will double check when I get home, but you should be able to open the DMG file and drag the game out if it into your desktop or wherever you want.

Ah I didn't think of doing that. Yes that works, thank you 👍

Great! 😊


Love the game so far! Really enjoy the point-and-click format so this is really fun!

(SPOILER) I was having trouble escaping the cabin after being cornered by something. Any hints?

Me to


Oh BTW, use the credit card on the chair. It brings you back to the previous scene.

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Could you pass this scene?

[EDIT] I passed it

Put the pills inside the meat then give it to him

Deleted 172 days ago

You’re on the right path.... you need to give him something to make him drowsy, but in something he will eat

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Such a fun game. So happy to see another one of these type of story (still waiting for Zed and Alpha Miller Poundstone's story but no pressure lol)!

Got 60/80. Can't wait for a walkthrough to come out so I can see where I fell short.


I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm going to try to put together a walkthrough and hint guide next week. 

Just finished it, what a great little game. Reminded me of the old LucasArts days, but with more dick - which can only be a good thing!  Thank you for making it!

Thank you! That's exactly what I was going for! 😋

[Spoiler]: I am at a point where I need to escape a room while running from something. What do I do?

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Bribing doesn't work

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(SPOILER) If you’ve just been taken captive, you need to break the window with something. 

No, the second time.


I can't walk into the forest... 

(Spoiler) Bribe the door



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Still can't go anywhere.. i'm too dumb to play it tbh

Anyone else have their computer have trust issues with this during download


I’ve been told there’s something about the AGS engine that causes this to happen, coupled with the fact that it’s a new download that hasn’t been downloaded many times. It should pass your virus scan though. 

Thanks. I am loving the game.

love the style of the game so far.

not sure what to do though. My apartment just got robbed. i can't seem to find the right thing to click on...

Take something and leave


(SPOILER) Maybe go explore the city or the factory....

I took something, but I still can't seem to find what to do at the factory... (sorry for asking for so much help haha)

If you're at the factory in the daytime, you'll need to collect a sample from the footprints in the grass. Also, look at the bushes on the right side and you'll see something that will unlock a new location.

Im stuck right after talking to ralph. Is there a guide for this game? Also, on Android it's pretty hard to understand what's interactable.

(SPOILER) If you look at the back of bushes outside the Factory, you'll unlock a new location.

I'm totally stuck, even just after talking to Ralph and Bob. I've taken pictures of stuff, I've tried various dialogue orders, I've even tried using the bed... Any hint?

(SPOILER) Have you retrieved a sample of the footprint residue?

But how do you get the sample.

You'll need something to collect it with. Search Rollie's apartment for something suitable.


Look inside the cabinets in Roliie's apartment. You'll need those to collect samples.


Is officer Caleb romanceable?


Sorry, but he's not.