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Is third character creation in here

Wanted to drop a comment and say this really was worth the download!  It's on the shorter side but with 5 different routes to choose from, it's still a joy to read.  

...Zed was absolutely my favorite.  He must be protected at all costs.

I love your novels and I would love a browser version of this game so those of us on iOS could play!

Many thanks Rob.  I've just played the Zed route so far, and really enjoyed it.  I'll come back in a few months and try another route, either Nazir or Kol I think.

I think we need more Human Cargo adventures!

I don't know if I'm just crazy or if the medical scanner is a Star Trek reference, but I fucking cried aloud! already 10/10

big fan of the games I'e found through the Bara jams but this has got to be one of my favourites. Really fantastic, more like this we Love it




Sorry asking again is there a walkthrough for all the routes? I would like to get all the cgs so would really appreciate some help/a walkthrough.


Is there a walkthrough for all the routes ? I would like to get all the cgs so would really appreciate some help/a walkthrough.

Does anyone know how to unlock artwork 17,29 and 30?

Hi everyone! Does Zed’ and Dr. Shen’ route include sexy NSFW scenes?


yes it does

Thank you!


Is there a walkthrough for all the CGs ?


Zed is my favorite. I'm a little depressed that this is over and so short.


The story writing and dialog choices are great!  Working on any sequel or expansion?

The  music is great, the background art is fantastic as is the character design.  But most importantly the story is just fun and allows for multiple playthroughs with different endings.  This is definitely one of my favs. 

Awesome game! Great sci-fi story, different characters, great graphic and really turning on sex scenes! I hope that eventually there will be illustrations to all scenes. I cannot support You monthly on Patreon but at least i could purchased the ebooks...

Is this complete?


As far as I know, it is complete.

Okay honestly, Wasn't sure what to expect when I got this game, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it and now reading the pdf stories that came with it too. I really stumbled upon something wonderful!

is there a walk through  fir this available?


I loved this so much and I feel satisfied after unlocking all the artwork in the gallery. My favorite guy was for sure doc because of how cute he is. ❤


Amazing game and content, both the texts and graphics are well made. Really congrats to the author! After several playthrough, I still have one image i have not unlocked, the last on page 5. Does anyone knows how to get that one? Thanks!


Best VN <3 wish it had a new chapter, but oh well 

How can i get Nasir #2 CGs, i only got the one he slap and the last at his room? Where can i find that?


Sorry one more comment is there a walkthrough?

Been looking for one too 

Where is Kol ? After he gets hurt and I wake up in the middle of the night I can't find him on the ship?


He is on the observation deck. The access hatch is on the map, but it’s not explicitly marked…


I just found this and played it throughout the holiday to get all the CGs and it was so lovely! Zed scored major points by getting us some tools of our own and a new com bracelet, even self defense lessons! Way to make up for the accidental bonding! Raz is clear second bc he's emotionally the most supportive and respectful (unexpectedly). Doc was sweet, but a bit weird with the jump from first date to proposal, still clearly a little traumatized which makes me hesitant to really go for his route. Nasir is the most difficult character, but that actually makes him a challenge you want to take on and Kol is so unapologetically himself that he quickly became the number one favourite! (that and I can relate to the good food working on him despite his best efforts)

So it's a bit late maybe, but thanks for the game, it's really made my long weekend a lot more fun!


Does anyone know how to get the kol Nasir yoshi threesome?


At the scene when Nasir asks if you love kol there should be an option to say you also find Nasir attractive, not sure if this helps :)


on the Kol route, don't shower together, than the conversation should come up in the Galley whether you even are attracted to Kol. Answer "Yes.. But" and you get the option to include Nasir by saying you find him also hot.

Really enjoyed, it was short but good.

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Just finished Zed's route. It was honestly a well written visual novel. Only issue is that the interactions between the mc and the characters outside of your chosen route is very limited.  Regardless, I loved every minute of it! Thank you! 


Very good but short for what I wanted. Understandable considering the plot of course, and plenty of replayability.


Kol/Nasir/Yoshi throuple is the canon route for this game and you can't change my mind.


I only wish we could get to do more than just oral with Kol in the threesome route. Since his hang up to relationships was "my dick is just too much for you puny human". x'D


Absolutely agree. Although I think it's implied that he's gotten over that hang up when he basically asks Nasir to stretch out Yoshi for him.

*whispers as an aside* in that case he should follow through even more!


It was really good, but a bit short. Left me wanting more.


Is there a guide anywhere?

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Hey !
This game is insanely good ! All is awesome : Story, Art, UI, Music...
I love it !
If you like bara visual novel, don't think and just play !


This def needs one please make one *begging on my knees* pretty please


Plsss make a sequel plssssssss


Can we get a sequel or something...this was too good to stop there!!! Come on Rob help a queer out would ya???

Hello. I have tried and tried, but for the life of me, I can't unlock 2 of Razix's artwork. The 2 after "Razix's Gift". If anyone could steer me in the right path, it would be greatly appreciated. I really like the game, and I want to complete it. Thanks. 

I have the same issue, please if you've figured it out tell me


don't know if you guys still need this, but I unlocked it by having Yoshi choose to stay on the Barakai instead of the Razha when Kol asks

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I know you've replied to this comment for 2 years but let me just say it.

- Message from developer

The first Razix CG requires you to have oral in Chapter 5 and then sex with Razix in Chapter 6, but also you need to tell him you love him in Chapter 7 ... and then he'll ask if you want to top him, which will lead to the first C


awesome game by far. i honestly fell in love with Zed. he is just adorable. i wish it was longer because story and romance is amazing.

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