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The game is masterpiece, i really like Razix path. Where can I download that amazing soundtrack?


The soundtrack will be available soon. eerron is working on the last track now!

since we can romance every barakai crewmate, any plans on expanding beyond the endgame?

I do have some plans on adding some extra stuff to the game, plus I have a few more CG artwork events in the pipeline.

Loving the game. This is a master piece.

Thanks 😁

I'd love to see a cg of Kol and Yoshi in the mecial bay's shower together

That’s definitely on my wishlist!

I couldn't help myself and I counted how many dildos I saw in that Pirate Captions room and I'm not sure if I counted right. I swear there are like nine of them in that garbage heap of a room...God I feel sorry for anyone who's...well I feel like I need a shower now

Best comment ever 🤣


Just wanted to say how much I loved this game! Usually I'll play one play-through of games like this with my favorite character (Kol <3) and drop the game but this game had me playing through all the routes  and loving every single one. The writing was amazing and I loved the humor and characters and am definitely hoping for more (especially Kol <33).  

Thanks! 😁

Hi, Rob, I love this game since I play it and I take pleasure in redoing the route of the characters to see improvements. This game is great, the characters are endearing, and unlike some who spoil while wanting to give a relationship between the other character, you stay focused on the story and the characters in the same and it's great. The only downside, too bad that this one runs x)


I'm so glad you like it! 🥰

You're welcome, I think so. ;)

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1st of love this so much and hoping for a sequel of sorts because I'd like to explore the relationships with the characters a little further. Could be a winner...I dont know what do you think?

P.S a character customization could be epic

I'm so happy to hear you liked it enough to want a sequel or continuation 😁

Hi Rob!!

Amazing game!! I can't remember how many times I've had a lot of fun! I wondering if there is an option to date all or a group of characters at the same time. Will there be any updates? Can't wait for the surprise your planning.

I do have more updates in the pipeline... adding new artwork, plus new music!


I haven't played Doc's route yet but when I read your dev log for the CGs, I don't see any CGs for Doc in the list...

 Will you add CGs for his route in a future update?

Doc should have two CGs in the next update 0.95, which I hope to have ready in December.

Okay, thank you! I can't wait December! XD

This game has me laughing every route, I really love this game and I think it's one of the best. My fav. is Razix.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! I had a lot of fun writing for Razix.

Two questions about CGs, how do I unlock Zed and Yoshi in bed 1 and how do I get Yoshi's death?

For yoshi death go in kol route and deny him the shower together. Then an option will come up when you are in the gallery and Nasir will ask if you really want to fuck kol. Choose 'No' here and Kol and Nasir will mercilessly grab you and throw you out of the airlock

This doesn't happen...


You'll only be presented with this option in Chapter 8 if you didn't kiss Kol when you had the chance in Chapter 7, and then you didn't let him shower with you.

I loved this! I absolutely adore Zed 🥰 I really enjoyed Nasir as well, going to go through it with Razix now! 

I’m glad to hear you’re having fun! 😁

love the game!! uhh this could be a dumb question, but by downloading the new version, will I lose all the places I saved in the past one or would they transfer over to the new file? I have save files for all the routes and don't want to lose them but definitely want to play the Doc route too!

The saves are saved outside the game in your user folder (the location varies depending on your OS and version). So you should be able to upgrade without worries 🙂

Sir... I need the guide for all of the new 0.90 CGs, PLEASE!!!!

I've added a Devlog post that lists the CGs. The Nasir/Yoshi CG will be fixed in a bug fix update coming soon.

Hi! First thing first congrats for your amazing work! I would like to know the name of the CG's in order... Also the NasirxYoshi (no kink) isn't showing up in my gallery.

I've added a Devlog post that lists the CGs. The Nasir/Yoshi CG will be fixed in a bug fix update coming soon.

Hello! I was just wondering how to unlock the cg directly below the trailer.


That CG is the Barakai Interior Diagram. It should unlock the next time you get to “Explore Ship” .

Thank you for your prompt response! I appreciate the help.

The Doc route is sweet.  The Razix route is fun.  My heart still belongs to Kol.  Wow, the Nasir route is sexy as heck, though.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was trying to do — have each route be a different romance experience. 

Whats next in your schedule?

Will you add more chapters to the exsisting routes or will you add more characters to the game?

(Also love you and zed)


Next up is more CG artwork, plus another surprise ending I'm working on. More details on that later 😉

Will we ever get the option to top one of the big guys?🤔🥰🥰🥰

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i hope he'll add that option, I'm dyin to see the top husbandos go bottom.. :3


Which characters are you able to top? Because I know that you bottom all of them, and I was curious about who can bottom for you.


You are able to top Razix and Doc.


ok. I got those two but was curious about the others. Will they be in the future?

I've played through Nasir's route twice but the second Cg without the wrist restraints hasn't shown up in the Gallery, nad how do you get Zed's second CG?

I just went through Nasir's route and there's a bug in the gallery code, so the Non-Kink CG always remains locked for now. I'll try to do an update to fix it this weekend.

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I don't know what i'm doing wrong, but whatever i do, i just can't get to see Razix CG... Can you help?  I'm having sex with him everywhere, BJ and all, but it's just not showing to me....

Also... I've unlocked Nasir and Yoshi CG with kink, but now i can't unlock the one without it... But i managed to get Princess Lea outfit CG, so... 

I don't know what i'm doing wrong... Please help me...

The one without kink should display if you say “maybe next time” when he asks about the ropes. It looks the same, but Yoshi’s arms are in a different position of course.

Did you have the option to top Razix? That’s the first of his CG, and the second of his comes right after that.

Razix actually has two sex scenes with Yoshi, in Chapter 6 and Chapter 10.

To get the first scene, you'll have to have oral in Chapter 5, otherwise you get the oral scene in Chapter 6.

If your choices bypass that first time in Chapter 6, at the end of the story, you'll get that one instead of the second scene. And the first sex scene doesn't have a CG yet.

To get the option to top, you have to have already had sex BUT also you told Razix you loved him when that option comes up.

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I saw the one without ropes in-game, but i don't see it in my gallery O.o...

Nope, whatever i do i only have text, not a CG... O.o 

I don't know, maybe it's me and i'm way to stupid to figure it out, but he's the only one, with who i have a problem with... I have one of CGs with Nasir, CG with Kol, Slave CG... (Haven't tryed Zed yet, still fighting with Razix on my 26x gameplay :D i don't know what to do next to get atleast one CG :D

EDIT: Got it one! I don't know if that it is, but i had to say, that i'm gonna leave and then i got 2 CGs, one where Razix is bottom and 1 where i'm bottom, great! :) now i can move to Zed <3

Still didn't manage to save that second CG with Nasir to gallery tho...

I’m glad you figured it out!

I will double check the Nasir story in case it’s a bug.

How did you get the one with Razix bottoms, I've played it several times and still nothing

I believe it's in Chapter 7 you have to tell Razix how you feel about him when you wake up in the med bay. That's one requirement. The other is that you had to already have had sex with Raz before Chapter 10.

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You also have to help him pack instead of telling him to stay on the ship in chapter 6, that gives you the sex scene instead of the blowjob as I just found out :)

I confirmed that the Nasir CG without ropes has a bug in the gallery. I’m going to do a 0.91 update that will fix this soon, as well as a couple other bugs.

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I have a question, why there are 3 missing artworks? Are we supposed unlock them or its not fully done until the next update? Where is the 4th, 15th, 16th and 17th CG? I need help? Can you explain what are these CG’s and how to unlock them? 

And also, in the final love scene, is it possible that for Chapter 10, I hope we get to see Doc’s and Yoshi’s full naked bodies together in the next update? It was mentioned in the text that they removed their clothes, but didnt get the full view of their bodies, and their sprites. 

in 0.90 you should be able to see all the Artwork, but you’ll have to play it multiple times of course.

4  is the Barakai Interior Diagram

The Nasir/Yoshi CG has two versions, depending on if you choose the kinky choice at the end, so there are two entries in the Artwork gallery, one that says Kink and one that says No Kink.


The last two are the new “bad” endings for Yoshi. The first could happen at the beginning chapter if you make the “wrong” choices. The final one could happen during Kol’s route if you avoid romancing him and then make the wrong choices during the confrontation with Nasir and Kol in the galley.

We are working on the CG artwork for Doc now, so it will be in the next update!

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Before breaking out the charting to search for paths left untread, I should probably ask. Figure the Lab and Doc's quarters are likely placeholders for a slated update, but I'm having trouble locating the 4th and 7th artwork panels. Am I missing something early on?

Looking at Version 0.85, the 4th one should be the "Barakai Interior Diagram", which you see when you explore the ship. If you didn't trigger that scene since the update, it might be locked. It looks like the 9th is "Phestur's Demise", though that's been in the game for a while now.

Went space cadet on how many per page mid sentance, 7th is the missing one. I've run across the diagram in most of the playthroughs, but it would be just my luck to glitch my install. Thanks for the clearup, keep up the great work. ^-^

The 7th one is related to Doc's story, and accidentally snuck into the 0.85 version, so there was no way to see it. (It's now live in the 0.90 version.)

Wich CGs are you guys working on now or next?

The next CG in the pipeline is for Doc's final love scene 😁

Ahhh, I thought Nasir was next, oh well should still be interesting :) 

OH, Nasir is actually in the 0.90 version coming this week. Sorry for the confusion!

Not a problem, still can't wait for the update to be released

Sorry to bother,but I'm too excited because I would like to know if you are done with Docs route I'm very sorry to bother you.

Version 0.90 with Doc is being tested by the Patreons now, and barring any big bugs, I plan to release it this coming week!


I was super excited to see that this has updated! Last I checked on it I think it was only version 60. I spent all evening going through the new routes and enjoying the new added CGs, they're all really well done and I thoroughly enjoyed all the new dialogue expansions. I really felt like the options you pick with Yoshi impacted his personality, but not so much that it completely changed him as a person, which is a fine line to walk, and it made the repeat playthrough's really enjoyable.

If I have any one thing to critique its Nasir route. I get what he's going for and that its probably not aimed at me, but, I just got the feeling he was kind of plowing over Yoshi and really pushing himself hard onto him was pretty squicky for me. It just came across as less sexy and more sexual harassment. I did warm up to him toward the end though as he was actively trying to reign himself in and respect Yoshi more, or at least he did with the options I picked. I just think having a scene where boundaries, and better yet, a safe word can be discussed earlier in the route would really make his route better. There's nothing sexier than informed consent.

That sounds bad when I type it all out, but I really just want to thank you for making this available for free. I really enjoyed the world and the characters, and I just want to see it improve. I'm super excited for Docs route, he's probably the one thats the most "me" out of all these guys and I've enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed all the others so far, especially Razixs and Zed (Noone gets poor Razixs sense of humour. I like his flirty jokes) and am eagerly anticipating more.

Yeah, Nasir is not everyone's cup of tea, I get that for sure.

Thanks for your feedback!

Just wanted to say that your work on this game is appreciated by me! It's pretty easy for a dating sim to get me really invested in the characters romantically, but few can do the same sexually. Nasir (and Kol to a lesser extent) really hit the head on the nail there, so great job.

Speaking of which, are there any alternating paths to miss out on with Nasir like how you can top Razix only if you do the right stuff? He's by far my favorite character and I wanna make sure I did everything.

Nasir's choices relate to how "kinky" he is, e.g. spanking or not, or rope play or not. If you got that choice at the end, I believe you should have seen everything.


Does someone know how to unlock the new artwork

I love your stories so glad to see this new work.

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I know that Razix is present in the Galactic Conspiracies series (I remembered that there was a Regulan), but I just read again Volume 2 and considering how the book ended, I can only assume that Human Cargo takes place before the series?

Because if not, then it's either another Razix or the content of the book has changed since I bought it.

I believe I make a reference in the HC text of a story told to Razix by a cousin I think it was. Raz in HC comes from a large family, many of whom are pilots in the Union. So in my mind, the Razix in The Cassini Mission is a distant relative of his.

Their personalities are different as well. Razix in HC is more playful.

(Truthfully, I re-purposed the name and thought I’d spelled it Razyx in the book, but didn’t realize it was the same until I was working on Zed’s story.)

I understand better now, thank you very much for these explanations. :D

(I fully understand that now it is too late to change the spelling.  Unless I change in my own version of the ebook "Razix" to "Razyx" to avoid asking myself the same question a few months or years later... XD)

Anyway,how far are you to being done with Docs route? Excited to play it!

I'm working on finishing up Doc now. I hope to have him ready by the end of the month/beginning of October.

How do I top Razix? I remember I did it long time ago (I think Doc didn't even have sprites), but now I don't remember how...


To top Razix, you have to have oral with him in Chapter 5, then have sex in Chapter 6, then tell him you love him in Chapter 7. If you do this, you'll get to see both CG event artworks for his ending.


I got it! Damn, Razzi looks delicious as a bottom. Can't wait to see the upcoming CGs for everyone. Hopefully you'll make a walkthrough as well.

Once I have Doc squared away, I'm going to try do to some basic walk-throughs 😊


I like zed

I'm glad! I like him too 😊

Will there be Doc's route because ive played all the routes please tell me if there is as soon as you can. No rush.


Can the next chapter(chapter 11) be where yoshi is pregnant with their children. But can it start with Zed please?

I would like to say that I have enjoyed the game for a long time and am happy about  how much work was put into this. But just out of curiosity, would there be a kind of scene where we could know or learn more about about the Wixanite species perhaps?

I'm yet to unlock any of the character-related CG's. I didn't even know there were any, but people in the comments keep mentioning them...

Do I miss something?

I’m adding CGs with each release. With the current release, you should be able to see Kol and Yoshi, Razix and Yoshi, and Zed and Yoshi in their respective Chapter 10 endings. Of course, it does depend on your choices. (See the spoiler under the comment about Razix’s path above for him.)

I had Razzi's 0.80 CG unlocked, how do I unlock the one released in 0.85?

You'll have to replay the end of Razix's Chapter 10 and then the game will know you've seen it.

No, you don't get it. There are two CGs for Razix, right? I have the older one, but don't know how to unlock the new  one. The one from Chapter 10 is the one I have.

The new one is shown when Razix makes the offer to let you top him. To get it to show in your gallery, you have to replay that scene. (And then you’ll get the original CG after.)

Okay, I remember being able to do that, but I cannot reach that point in the story, what do I do to top him?

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I really loved Zed's route. Thank you so much for creating this game! <3

PS: An idea of when the route for Doc will be available?

I’m on track to have Doc ready at the end of September/beginning of October!


Hey, sorry if it's a bit weird that I'm commenting again but I've literally become a superfan of you, the game and all the characters (especially Zed). I'm probably going to open a fan blog and I'm definitely going to try and draw fanart.

I wanted to ask if you have a business email or a way to contact you because I found some spelling and grammar mistakes, and a sprite mishap that I noted down while re-playing the game for the 3rd time (Zed's route). I still need to play the other routes to potentially find more but I really want to help in all ways I can because I'm not able to donate and I seriously love this game and its characters to death, like I'm not even joking.

You can email me at robcub32 at with any bugs you find 😊

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