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I am very surprised with this game (well, I would rather say a kind of interactive film, in which we make the decisions, especially the most important ones that the past history defines with each one of them ...), in general this t is a very beautiful story within a group of great friends that make up this excellent team / tripulation.

The general story is almost the same in all the versions, only the parts that are "tête-à-tête" with each one of them are almost completely different and this has its respective consequences for the continuation ... - between the (a little) rough Nasir, the romantic teddy bear Zed, Kal this bear (a little brutally) protective but tender at the same time, this gentle protector and attentive "Doc, on the other hand this Razix ... How to say ... What a savage! !! (in a good way of course) LOL 

Frankly, my favorite versions are those of Zed and Kal, on the other hand the Doc made me cry ... (I reassure, it's not the fact that he is the oldest) What a waste of such a beautiful person ... 

In other words, and in short ... - they all become like angels towards young Yoshi.

I liked this game a lot, it's worth paying for.

(and I'm not talking about the non-sensory part ...) 

How I install Human Cargo on Linux?

You need to extract the archive and inside you'll find a "" file. You should be able to double-click that (or run it from a command line).

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Raz is a fucking sweetheart and my absolute favorite. Precious boy. I've played this game and every route in its entirety and I'm doing it all again. Can't get enough. Bought the three books about the Degan, too, and can't wait to read those. The snippets of world building are amazing. I am so intrigued by all the species.

One question though. On the Kol route in chap 7 I think, he leaves medbay and you search for him. Can he actually be found, or is it only when you go back and wait?

Yes, he can be found.

The room is kind of hidden on the map (it's not labeled).

Excitedly rubs hands together for a fifteenth play-through. I am determined to find him now. Thanks!!!!


soooo good!! came for the BL but stayed a lot longer for the storyline. also the music is FIRE. Zed has got to be my favorite route (the ending was just *chefs kiss*), but all the characters are uniquely fleshed out and loveable!


Great game.Zed is the best character in my opinion,he is so cute <3.

Ps:Nasir is an asshole

Kol is hot 

Doc isn't atractive to me,but i like him

Razix is funny but i don't like

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Finally finished the game.

6) Razix route: I don't really like "perv" characters sorry

5) Threesome route: It was forced and came out of nowhere

4) Nasir route: I like him but he's too asshole

3) Kol route: I love Kol, he's the character I find the most hot but his route was a bit lacking, he didn't do much imo

2) Zed route: Fun character and the "big day" was amazing

1) Doctor route: While I'm not completely attracted to him, Loro is definitely the character I liked the most and the proposal in the simulation is my favorite scene in the game.

My only cons are the game is a bit too short, the characters in the cgs are a bit different from the ones in the 2D images and there are way less 18+ cgs than there are actual porn scenes in the game.

Overall a great game, 8.5/10, I recommend it to everyone and I can't wait for your next project :D

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Threesome route? how did u get that path??

Deleted 32 days ago

Yes, 1.0 has complete artwork and routes!


How to delete saves on android?

On PC, you'd hover over the save game and hit the delete key on your keyboard. There's not a convenient way to do that on Android, unfortunately without a physical keyboard.


I'm just here to say after finding this game in March 2019 and falling in love with it, it's still one of my favorite visual novels I have read to date! Each character is a fully realized person and it's so nice to see a vn where every single route feels completely different when you play each one. I think since playing this I've come back to it about five times and replayed it just because I love it so much!

Keep up the amazing work and looking forward to more possible expansions to the game and/or Human Cargo 2 which I think would be amazing to see one day! :)


Absolutely LOVE this game! Loved every route, but Doc and Razix (and sometimes Kol) hold special places in my heart hahah


[Spoilers] I love this game alot its super cute and short and sexy! I agree with a lot of the previous comments though, I feel like Nasir could be nicer to Yoshi in Kol's route especially if it's implied that he likes him and Nasir is way nicer to Yoshi in his own route so it makes no sense that he'd be so rude to him in Kol's route also the slowburn would make more sense for people who want the 25th route I think

What plans do you have for future games? I love the style of your games so looking forward to a new project :)


So.. is the story all finished?

i hope there are another route, or another ending, or whatever, maybe secret route of the guy who tried to rape yoshiro, or whatever

i just don't want it to end :( great job btw


How to get Nasir's new cg? I think I'm doing something wrong and I'm not sure what to do...

after you try to run away to save them, he is gonna suggest spanking you, you just have to agree and wait a little only until they go back to Nasir's room

Loved this game, the story is well written and all the characters were very enjoyable. Only played Zed's route so far but I really liked it! I hope there's would be more games in the future or DLC for this game.


Hi Rob could you make an walkthrough or a guide in routes I am still having an hard time getting all the CG or just make an discord server for everyone so people could help eachother out and could you please add more saves if its possible Thanks

I'm hoping to put together a guide for the CGs once I get everything finalized more or less.

Also, you can have as many save games as you want. It only has 9 pages on the screen, but you can use the arrow icon to go to Page 10 or higher.


I really enjoyed Human Cargo. The setting, characters, and plot are all really well done. The diverse characters make the universe feel big and unexplored. It really stimulated my imagination in a special way. I find myself longing for more from this fictional universe. 5 Stars


Thank you ☺

When I play doc's route I can't ask questions because the game throws an error and there are 2 gallery pictures I am struggling to get

I just had the same problem

After Yoshi tells Doc about his mom and tries to ask Doc questions, the screen turns gray with a bunch of file names or something and says that an Exception happened

I'm getting ready to release 0.98, which fixes this problem. It should be available this weekend.


well, i absolutely loved this game. i have to admit that, like 95% of the players in this comment section, i would LOVE to see more of this game, but i would completly understand if that's not in your to-do list. 

my favorite routes are definitely Razix's and Kol's. they were great and the characters had a great development. 

are you still working on this game? 

thank you for such a great game. hope to see some more games from you in the future!


Whew, where do I even begin with this game??? I love the concept and premise behind it, love the writing, love the artwork. Loved the variety of the paths in this game, despite a similar general ending. Character design (both visual and lore-wise) is amazing, and the crew's dialogue is natural enough that I could 100% see it being just normal banter between real people, which is always a plus in my book. All in all a great game that always kept me excited for what came next.

Here's a quick synopsis of my thoughts on each route in the order I did them:


First route I did, absolutely loved it. Nasir is just absolutely my type, and I remember the route being really funny and there being super natural interactions like the stuff with the pizza. Granted, it was my first experience with the game, so that also likely had an impact on my experience with it. Definitely a contender for my favorite route. 


Gah, this route was just as fluffy as the big man himself. Really liked getting to know the guy, loved how I could use the self-defense techniques he taught me in the endgame, overall just a great experience. Soft and romantic story that was a joy to experience. 


Starting almost the opposite of Zed's, Kol's story was cold and distant at first, but the payoff when he finally warmed up to me was well worth it. The dude's hot and was great to learn more about. My big issue with this route was that I didn't like making Nasir so upset, seeing as he was my favorite up to this point. Honestly at first I was super confused as to why Nas was acting so hostile towards me considering he hadn't on either of the previous routes, but when I figured out why, it all made sense, and I'm glad he warmed up to me at the end. This was the other contender for my favorite route. Loved the ending.


While not really attracted to Doc, I definitely still enjoyed getting to know him and his backstory. Learning what was up with that Science Lab I had never been able to access on any other route was a nice 'ah-ha!' moment as well. Overall, very soft and romantic, just like Zed's. I did enjoy seeing the more confrontational side to Doc, what when Kol calls the other ship. All in all, rather enjoyable.


I also wasn't really attracted to Razix all that much, but I still figured I would do his route too just because I had done the other four and I figured I'd at least get some good backstory out of it. The guy's surprisingly sweet, and I'm glad I gave him a shot. Though his route was a bit hit-or-miss for me, I definitely enjoyed his presence in the other routes and the overall story.

[Kol+Nasir Poly]

On paper, this should be my favorite route. My two favorite characters together was so exciting, and I'm so glad you decided to add this route to the story. The time the poly is actually going on is great, both the sweet parts on Border Station and the steamy parts… elsewhere. I did have two big issues with this route, unfortunately. The first one being that the poly doesn't start until really late in the story and it feels like we barely get any time together. The other being the complete 180 of Nasir's conflict with Yoshi just suddenly being forgotten and ignored when they get together. It just felt jarring to go from "Nasir hates me" to "I flustered Nasir by saying he's hot" to "oh wow now we're all in one big relationship ok". I don't see how it could really be fixed unless the player was given the ability to express how they feel earlier on, but c'est la vie. Still very thankful this mode was added to the game.

Whoops, I kinda ranted, didn't I?

Anyway, despite ending on a somewhat sour note, I still love this game and plan on purchasing the novels in the near future. While I understand if you'd like to move on, I would absolutely love it if there were plans to develop more content for this universe, whether it be game or story. Again, while I understand if you'd rather not, a sequel to this would be amazing. It may be difficult to make it work with the 5 (6?) romantic situations this game can end off with, but I honestly believe it's doable and would make a lot of people very happy.

In addition, it would be super cool if there was a Discord server or something to hang out with other people who played and loved this game as much as I have-- a way to talk about this great game and promote fanworks like fanart sounds amazing. It's unfortunate I can't really recommend this game to anyone I know in person, most of my friends aren't into this sort of thing…

TL;DR: I love your game, thank you for making it. Kol and Nasir are amazing. Looking for somewhere I can talk to other fans of the game. Please make more games like this so I can give you more money.

One last bit-- despite this being supposedly released almost two years ago for the 2018 Jam, still says the game is 'in development'. Is this an error, or is there still more content yet to added to the game? Very excited if it's the latter!


I love this game, I'd like to see something happen between Razix, Nasir and Yoshi in the showers during Doc's story, I was waiting to tell them that i wanted to be in the middle of the two haha. Great game. 


I would love to see the story continue. This thing could become something like the firefly of visual novels. I guess it would be challanging though, since there are 5 characters to make routes for.

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I'm absolutely in love with this game and with Kol and Zed! I have a question though: are there any plans to translate this game to other languages? I'd love to recommend it to some friends, but they don't really speak English. I can help with the Brazilian-Portuguese translation, if that's an option.


I love the Zed route, somehow his and Yoshi's relationship seems the most natural and loving--definitely be the one I'd go for if I was in his shoes.

OMG i love thus game, totally feel in love with Nasir and Kol, the other dont intrest me, but im no d furry but i wanna try zed romace he seems nice cuddly lol


This game is amazing

  I love the idea of being on a space ship and meeting all this new people, getting to know them better... if you know what I mean, but, and here is this big BUT. I dated Doc and the art work got me hard what can I say. What I want from a future game ( because with this talent you better do a second one ) is more bottoms, I mean it, I like the game and I get the vibe but as a top , dating Kol or Nasir ( with are very well built characters ) is not intrigue me in any way. Maybe for the future project we can have bottoms stereotypes too because with this art work and overall talent I bet I can get a nice experience. All my respect dude, keep the good work. 

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Honestly, I loved this novel more than I thought I would. I would love to see either a 'human cargo 2' or something of the sorts, this game is so well made i- I'm at a lost for words to explain. Kol is literally my type and I would love to spend more time with him now that he's my man, I feel like adding more to the game wouldn't hurt either, I heard someone else say 'maybe go to their home planet' and for a game like this, that doesn't sound bad at all. Some games have a good end point while others could benefit from a little more, I feel like since they're in space and they do commissions there's so much they could do, like visiting their home planets (based on route) or,  just doing a space mission and make it thrilling. Regardless, this game is literally amazing. I can't wait to see what the future holds for it. 


Do you plan on keep making more VN's of this universe after you finish with this one? You know, expand the universe kind of thing? It would be awesome! :)

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I have a question. That line Kol has over his nose and beneath his eyes is it a scar or is it face paint? I'm curious about it.


It's like a warrior tattoo 😉

Ooh, got it. 


I finished all the routes and played this a while back. I check in cause the .96 for me assumes a touch more. Glorious. Zed is love, Zed is life.

Periodt like Zed is so hot but Kol is daddy asf I hope they put more poly route.

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I wish there was a poly route with Zed😍 and Raz,Zed and Kol😍👅💦🔥,and maybe Zed and Nasir cuz that will be hot especially with Zed and Kol ugh😫 I’m getting wet thing about it

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I started the beta-test iOS version of 0.97.  Working good, almost finished Kol.  Couple things I noticed - the first time Yoshi showers is in the med shower, not the locker room.  Also - Everyone has underwear on always.  Not sure if that was intended?  Other than that it's working awesome!

In the iOS version, the censored option is enabled and can't be disabled because of content rules. So everyone will appear in their underwear where they are naked in uncensored mode.

Are there others poly routes?


There is just the one 😉


Heh okey. I just found weird Nasir sharing tho. He seemed possessive in his route xD

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I've never ran into this before, didn't even knew it was possible either. Does it actually get romantic between Kol, Yoshi and Nasir or is it purely a sexual relationship? 

Hi, I love your game, it's go entraining but no matter how many times I play the game, I can't seem to unlock the last CG, can someone help me please?

At some point during the poly route with Kol and Nasir, Nasir asks Yoshi if he even wants to sleep with Kol. The gallery's very last CG illustrates what happens if Kol doesn't like Yoshi's answer :D

Yup, this is correct. Choose the Kol route, but avoid any kind of romantic contact with him. When Nasir confronts you in the galley, you'll get three choices.


Loved the game, just starting getting into Visual Novels / Dating Sims on quarantine - hope to see more from you in the future!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it 😁

I absolutely loved this game. My personal favorite route was Nasir's. The storyline for the most part was the same for each route but certain details were unique so it didn't truly feel like you were playing the game over and over again when you chose a different route. My only complaint was how short the game felt. Each time I finished a route I felt a bit disappointed however, while playing I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that one day soon a sequel will he coming out!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was definitely going for different experiences with each route and I'm happy that came through!


How much we do we need to donate to get a sequel? :D


I so loved this game. The only route I did not feel was Nasir(not my cup of tea). Others are really sweet(personally I prefer Raz or Zed, they are romantic when you get to know them). I got feelings of nostalgia and didn't know  why, but at last I remembered book I read where there is stowaway mechanic on ship who mates captain so Im gonna read it again.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad you enjoyed Razix. He comes in strong, but he's really just looking for love.

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